New Music Friday – Pre-Pre-Pre Holiday Edition

December is here, ADDICTED Music Dept. denizens. We’re on cruise control till the holidays start and the year ends. Thankfully, here’s some music to guide your sleigh.

First up, a late post on Canada’s art-rock darlings, Rheostatics’ amazing new album Here Come The Wolves. I’ve been a fan of the band for a couple of decades and been loving this album since its release in September. The band is closing their Ontario tour TONIGHT, here in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall. I will be there, you should be there too. Here’s where you get tickets and here’s how you can listen to and buy the new album. Here’s the first song off the new album.

Today sees a new single released from the latest signee to Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records, Baba Ali. The track is called House and it will appear on the 30th Century Vol 2 compilation out today.  Ali’s new EP, co-produced by Janice Hince of The Kills, will come out in February 2020
Here’s a gorgeous new track from EDM musician/producer Jon Hopkins and producer/vocalist Kelly Lee Owens. What started out as a ‘simple’ remix of Hopkins’ track off his 2018 album, Singularity, became a standalone song of its own. His Polarity tour starts in late winter next year throughout Europe. Kelly Lee Owens has sporadic shows in Europe announced for 2020.

Jon Hopkins Website |Facebook |Twitter |Instagram Kelly Lee Owens Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

It’s tough for me to say, and if you insisted on an answer I’d tell you to get stuffed if I love music or TV shows more. Just like with music, there’s almost too much high-quality content out there to keep up with. One show I will watch the minute a new episode comes out is Peaky Blinders. I’ve loved this show before it became a Netflix production. There’s nothing about it that doesn’t thrill or entertain. It’s beautifully shot, designed and acted. A standout element of the show has always been the music. A show that uses a Nick Cave song as it’s theme and centrepiece is obviously going to be deeper than Law & Order: Traffic Blackmail Unit or some shit. This past season, the score and soundtrack were jarring and aggressive in a beautiful way. The artist behind this is Brit artist Anna Calvi. Calvi is known for her virtuosic guitar playing and operatic singing. The first official Peaky Blinders Soundtrack including Calvi’s composition You’re Not God was recently released. Have a listen and check Anna out. If you’re in Brooklyn, she’s playing tomorrow. However, the show is sold out. No surprise.
Rheostatics photo by Lyle Bell
Baba Ali photo by unknown
Jon Hopkins and Kelly Lee Owens photo by Matthew Mumford
Ana Calvi photo by Jonathan Birch
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