New Music Friday – Pre-Election Edition

Here’s your New Music Friday before either the Libs are reelected and things pretty much stay the exact same in our neoliberal world, the Cons start to ruin life as we know it or by some miracle, the NDP start making things better for ALL Canadians. Yes, that’s my opinion. Take it up with the music editor’s union, if you don’t like it. Fuck tax cuts to the rich and to corporations because that’s what the Liberals and the Cons will do. Yes, I’m happy to pay more in taxes if that means First Nations peoples can have clean drinking water, we can try to tackle the opioid crisis and climate change and poor people can get a hand.
Again, if you don’t agree, I don’t fucking care. Send your complaints to the music editor’s union.
Okay, let’s music! The link today is an all-Canadian lineup. Is Canada the best country for music per capita? Perhaps.

First up, Dante Matas. Dante is a Torontonian who recently released his new single Talking To Yourself. It’s a great power-pop nugget. Have a listen.


Also from Toronto is Jane’s Party. They’re a four-piece with a great indie-pop sound. Straight From The Heart features vocals by Sky Wallace.
Listen below under their links.

Hey Major is two multi-instrumentalist brothers, Mickaël and Raphaël Fortin from Sherbrooke. They just released their latest album, The Station. Here’s the title track.

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Not to intentionally make this thick with Torontonians, here’s Young Clancy. He just released his EP, titled Vol. 2. Below is one single, Level. It’s a quirky R & B number that showcases Young Clancy’s great voice and songwriting.




Hey Major photo by Jem Cresswell
Young Clancy photo by unknown
Jane’s Party photo by unknown
Dante Matas photo by unknown

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