New Music Friday – Post Hiatus Edition

Apologies, NMFers. I have been going full speed for the last couple of weeks and often had to choose between work and sleep. Sometimes work won, less often did sleep. But I crammed like a high schooler before an exam and hacked my way through literally hundreds of emails to deliver some great music from artists that maybe you’ve never heard, but should.

Introducing (unless you already know his work) Stone Irr, and his sophomore release, out now, Performance. Stone’s music is reminiscent of the indie-folk we know and love, Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith as examples. Have a listen. If you happen to be reading this from the LA area, Stone is playing a show on Sept. 22 at The Love Song Bar.


Zilo is a visual artist and singer from the UK. Based in London, she released Gorgeous on September 6. Zilo combines her smooth voice with excellent production.



National treasure, Montrealer Jordon Zadorozny is known for his collaborations with Courtney Love on her Celebrity Skin album, as well as Melissa Auf Der Maur, Chris Cornell, and Lindsey Buckingham. More notably, as Blinker the Star, the one-man band is releasing his seventh album, Careful With Your Magic, today. One listen will show you why artists want to work with Jordon. Blending hooky melodies and stellar (ha) instrumentation, it’s hard not to love a song like Sweet Nothing. Have a listen and buy this album wherever you buy your music.

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Regrettably, I missed announcing Sampa The Great‘s debut album last week. Well, not wasting another day, NOW you should go listen to The Return. Born in Zambia, raised in Botswana and now based in Melbourne, Sampa Tembo blends different elements notably her African roots and classic hip hop beats and delivery.
Tickets for “her” North American tour dates go on sale today here:

Have a listen to Freedom and find out more HERE.

Stone Irr photo by Anna Powell Teeter
Sampa photo by Barun Chatterjee
Zilo photo by HYPEMARI
Blinker the Star photo by Eve Roy

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