New Music Friday-Managing Editor Birthday Edition

There’s no real theme to this week’s NMF post. Just sending love to ADDICTED’s managing editor on her birthday. Nadia Elkharadly, like most amazing things, is salty and sweet. And the salt of the earth at the same time.
She’s a lover of animals, music, cocktails and doing the right thing. She hates toxic bullshit and anyone who tries to step on other people. She is my ladyboss extraordinaire and my partner in justice here in the ADDICTED Music Dept.
Happy birthday, jefa. You’re an inspiration.
Read the amazing post she wrote here.

Onto the choons, kids.

First up is Ice Cream. They are a Toronto duo who just put out their second album, FED UP, which was released today. Amanda Crist and Carlyn Bezic comprise the band, who are a beautifully minimal blend of styles. Emotive vocals, synths and drum machine beats are at the forefront. Ice Cream is launching the album proper on November 29th at Cecil Centre in Toronto.
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Toronto based recording artist, Tasha Angela, is a singer/songwriter/pianist/composer. Soulful, painfully melodic, she exudes talent on this lovely track. Produced by Sam Willows, her EP was recorded at Dan Kurtz’s (theNEWDEAL, Dragonette) Asylum studio with theNEWDEAL’s instrumentation on drums, keys and bass. Tasha Angela’s EP Hidden Gems comes out on November 30th, but I couldn’t wait to write something about her. Find out more in the links below.

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I don’t believe in the idea of songs or artists being ‘guilty pleasures’. There’s no guilt in loving music of any kind. If you like it, it’s music you like. However, there are some artists that hipsters with cred may only listen to in private through headphones. For some, Sheppard, may be just that band. Hitting it big with their song Geronimo in 2014, this Australian band has a skill for writing irresistible pop songs. Their latest single, Die Young, came out in October. I heard the first minute and called my pop-loving 10-year-old daughter over to listen saying “Here’s your new favourite song”. When the razor-sharp hook of the chorus hit, she reacted like she was being electrocuted and started belting it out on the second repeat. She said “This is my new favourite song.”
Do yourself a favour and have a listen to it now, accept it as a warm and fuzzy earworm.


Rounding up NMF from this mid-November post is Petrol Girls with their video for the powerful track No Love for A Nation. This powerful political punk band is led by Ren Aldridge, who explains the song and video: “Lyrics from the song describe this ongoing art project with flags, and it’s also where the title of our album ‘Cut & Stitch’ comes from. We shot this video on the way from Austria to the UK for our September tour, via Germany and France. Zock had the idea of hiring radical spaces to shoot the video in. DIY social centers and a radical bookshop – these are places in which radical organizing takes place, where information can be disseminated and our community can gather.”
They are fucking great. Have a listen/watch of the song. Hear more below
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Ice Cream photo by Shelby Fenlon
Tasha Angela photo by Claudine Baltazar
Sheppard photo by Peter Brew-Bevan
Petrol Girls photo by Martyna Wisniewska

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