New Music Friday – Humidity Edition

Okay, I didn’t bother with a theme this week. It’s just super hot in Toronto (I am NOT complaining) and so are these artists. Sorry, that was terrible.
Some great music is being released today or has already been released and I’m just discovering it as I scythe my way through my inbox.

As usual, you get my rant slash plea. We all love music. But true music lovers support the artists they love by buying their music, or their merch. Streaming services, still and as long as they’re allowed, will pay artists an insulting pittance per streamed track. It takes an average of 4 streams before streaming services pay an artist a single penny. Since recording, mixing and mastering a single song costs something around $1,000, that means that the song you love to stream requires around 400,000 plays before the artist breaks even on it. Go to shows, buy a ticket and a shirt. Show some love.

First up this week is one of my favourite electronic artists. The music of Tycho has served as the soundtrack for many long walks and contemplative moods. Known to friends as Scott Hansen, this composer and musician is also a graphic designer. His previous album, Epoch was nominated for a Grammy and sounded a breakthrough in Hansen’s music. Arguably, more a band album than a solo effort, the latest Tycho album stretches even further. Weather, released today includes the first ever vocal Tycho tracks. The vocals of Hannah Cottrell, aka Saint Sinner, are featured on five of the album’s eight songs. Here’s one of them, Japan.
Tycho links HERE:


Indie-folk singer/songwriter Anna Wiebe has a new album out today. The Guelph, Ontario native describes All I Do Is Move as focusing on cycles, and the mental growth and movement that comes with life’s lessons. While this album feels more wintery than summery, it’s a must-hear. All of Anna Wiebe’s links are below:
Bandcamp Spotify SoundCloud – Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


Amaal is releasing her EP, Black Dove today. This Somali-Canadian’s debut is a rich blend of R & B vocals and hip hop production. Her voice is astounding and her songs are just plain good. And her talent has been noticed having been called out as an artist to watch by Apple Music, NYLON and The Independent. Have a listen/watch below and find her on Instagram – Twitter – Facebook


Feather Weight is a Toronto-based indie-pop band. They released their EP, Slipstreams last week and lead single, Something Else is catchy as hell to my ear. Maybe it’s the solid rhythm or the hooky steel drum, or the two combined. Either way, this song is more than worthy of a listen. Band links:

// Spotify  Facebook and Instagram.

Tycho photo by Scott Hansen
Anna Wiebe photo by unknown
Amaal photo by Universal Music Canda
Feather Weight photo by Jake Chirico

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