New Music Friday – Halloween 2020 Edition

What could possibly be scarier than Halloween of this dumpster full of medical waste on fire year a few days before America decides whether or not to continue aiming the steering wheel towards the edge of the existential cliff like a red-cap wearing Thelma and Louise? Yep, pretty scary, kids. And here’s a segue into our first new music.

Mick Flannery is a friend of the Dept. You can go back and hear the great chat I had with him around a year ago when we all thought 2020 was going to be the best year yet. I will amplify Mick as long as it takes until everyone acknowledges this man’s supreme talent. Mick released his latest single, Minnesota today. Joining him to sing it is the talented Anaïs Mitchell. It’s a lovely song and all proceeds go to Fair Fight, an organization that encourages voter participation in elections and educates voters about elections and their voting rights. So, if you want to hear a great song and help the world pull that aforementioned steering wheel a bit, please purchase the single today.
Links to Mick Flannery  Facebook | Twitter  | InstagramSoundcloud | Spotify
Links to Anaïs Mitchell Twitter YouTube Instagram


Next up is the delightfully odd SUUNS. Straight outta Montreal, this trio is releasing their latest EP, Fiction. Below is the title track and, sister, it slaps. Check it out and find out more about this very cool band via the links below.



NAJUAH is a Toronto-based Canadian female-duo. They’re releasing their debut single today on all streaming platforms. She Kept On Running is the lead off their album, Country Minor, slated to be released in spring of 2021. The song is listed as country but it has a lot of ass-kicking rock and soaring vocals. Listen hard to it.



The final addition to the score of the week’s end is the new release from the endlessly interesting and inimitable Oneohtrix Point Never. Hyped to this amazing artist by another Friend of the Dept., Morgan Kibby, Daniel Lopatin is known for the original motion picture soundtrack of Uncut Gems. Today, he’s releasing his ninth album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. It features collaborations with hometown hero, The Weeknd (who was also an executive producer of the album), American musician Caroline Polachek (ex-Chairlift), Venezuelan singer Arca and rapper Nolanberollin. Listen to the new album via the links below. I think this one may be a vinyl purchase for me.




Oneohtrix Point Never photo by David Brandon Geeting
Najuah photo by KC Morse
Mick Flannery photo by Aron Harris
SUUNS photo by Joseph Yarmush

Aron Harris
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