New Music Friday – Editor’s Picks

Friday means new music for pleasure in your nucleus accumbens via your ear holes.

Remember, if you love music, you should buy it and not stream it. Streaming services like Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music pay artists a few hundredths of a penny per stream. 70s rocker Peter Frampton recently reported that he earned a whopping $1,700 from Spotify for FIFTY-FIVE MILLION streams of his song, Baby I Love Your Way. That means his biggest hit needs to be streamed 324 times before he earns just over a PENNY.
To best support musicians, BUY their music from their websites or from merch tables at their shows. Streaming doesn’t pay artists anything near a living wage. And if they can’t earn a living making music, they’ll stop making music and go back to being hedge fund managers or CEOs to pay their rent and buy their food.


First up is synth-folk trio, Rows Arc. Based in LA and fronted by multidisciplinary artist, Sarah Olmsted, the band is reminiscent of Mazzy Star and Julia Holter. More about them here.


Hush Pup is an experimental pop band from Toronto. Today, they’re releasing their debut album, Panacea. Have a listen and a look. They’re playing shows in Montreal and the GTA next week. Have a peek at their socials and go see them live. FacebookTwitterInstagram.


Avey Tare, a.k.a Dave Portner of Animal Collective has an album coming out today, entitled Cows On Hourglass Pond. Check out the delightfully odd HORS_ below and catch Avey Tare on tour starting this month including one in Toronto on April 4th. Links here: Website || Twitter || Facebook


Here’s Montreal-based singer/songwriter, Madelline with her new single, Ghost. It’s a lovely song about loneliness and isolation. Have a listen and check about more about Madelline via these links. FacebookInstagramTwitter



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Aron Harris

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