New Music Friday – Canada Day Weekend Edition

Even though most of the artists featured on New Music Friday are Canadian, today, ALL of the artists hail from The True North, Strong and Free.
Just in case you forgot, streaming services basically don’t pay artists. It takes 3-4 streams of a song before they pay an artist a SINGLE PENNY.
Ironically, the one company that started this whole mess 20 years ago, Napster, pays more than any other streaming service. They pay, on average, almost a penny per stream.
My point is that if you want your favourite artists to be able to make the music they do, without having to quit a job or sell plasma between tours, you should pay them as directly as possible for their music. And at their shows, buy their shirts and other merch. Or go right now, and look at their websites to see how you can pay them for stuff.
It’s the Canadian thing to do. Rant off. Have a great long weekend.


My first new favourite Canadian artist today is Welland, Ontario’s, J.R. This is the name Julianna Riolino goes by on record and stage. She’s got a power-pop/gritty rock vibe that I love. Sadly, Be My Man is less than two minutes long. But, like me, you can play it over and over again. One million bonus points to J.R. for using Linktree. All of her details are there.
See her at the Rivoli in Toronto on July 26.


Next up is an artist that we’ve featured before in the ADDICTED Music Dept. Billy Wild hails from Toronto and has released the video for The Waves from his new EP, Little Fux. It’s a great song with an infectious chorus.


Beatrice Deer hails from Quaqtaq, Quebec but is now based in Montreal. She has dubbed her music ‘inuindie’ as it blends traditional Inuit throat singing with indie rock. Below is the title track off her latest album, released in 2018. She has a couple of shows coming up in Montreal:

MONTREAL, QC: Place d’Armes, Zone Musique, July 22, 12pm
MONTREAL, QC: Midi à Pointe-à-Callière, July 25



Louise Burns, at 33 years old, is a 20+ year veteran in the music industry, starting at 11 years-old playing bass in Lillix. She never stopped working in music, taking on roles as songwriter and producer as well. Her 2017 album, Young Mopes was longlisted for that year’s Polaris Prize. Her new album, Portraits, is set for release later this year. Today, the first single was released. Have a listen to Just Walk Away.
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That’s the week, music lovers. Have a safe long weekend!


Beatrice Deer photo by Joseph Yarmush
Billy Wild photo by Ayush Anand
J.R. photo by Stella Gigliotti
Louise Burns photo by Jennifer Latour

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