New Music Friday – Bye Bye February Edition

When the calendar flips to March, it feels like it’s only a matter of time until it’s socks and sandals and cargo shorts for this Rock Dad. So, I’m happy to bid farewell to February. It’s never been a kind month to me, personally. Especially since the dying days of the month dumped a metric fuckton of snow on us up here in Toronto. Blah blah blah, songs to keep you warm or some shit. But this music is the shit. In a good way.

First up, a band I found many years ago. Long enough ago that I purchased their album from a band member via Paypal and email, before Spotify existed. Black Books is an Austin-based uh, rock band? They self-describe their genre cheekily as ‘cosmic cowboy shoegaze.’ It does fit. They’re releasing an EP today named Cheer Up and you have to listen to it.

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Singer/songwriter/producer Mk.gee has dropped a new single cz. It’s just the sort of lo-fi alt-soul beat something that I like. More at the links




Any CBC listener is familiar with radio host, rapper and DJ, Odario Williams. He has a new track called Low Light.
Have a listen and look below.



The Bobby Lees are a garage rock band from Woodstock, NY. They’re releasing their upcoming Jon Spencer (of the Blues Explosion and Boss Hog) produced album in May. They’ll be supporting the album with a long tour, so get acquainted with the band via their first single, Guttermilk.

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Black Books photo by Matt Bender

Odario photo by unknown

The Bobby Lees photo by unknown

Mk.gee photo by Clare Gillen

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