New Music Friday – August Long Weekend Edition

Here’s some music for your ears as you leave your bodily impression on a chaise longue for 3 days.

Below are some artists I’ve really enjoyed listening to this week. I hope they come to Toronto so I can buy their merch and help support them. Because, as you should all now know, streaming services pay artists so little per stream that it’s hardly even enough to be called money. The sale of music is pretty much gone so now artists can only make a living by touring and selling merch.
So get out there and support the artists you love or they’ll all have to get office jobs and then the only new music we’ll be able to listen to is some AI-generated tunes granularly created from Alexa recordings of Jeff Bezos’ night farts. Don’t do that. Don’t do that to music.


Introducing Mathilde Fernandez‘s latest single, Chanteuse De Guerre. There’s something about French pop that I love. Maybe it’s the fact that my inability to understand more than every fifth word means all I can do is listen to the music and the melody. Sad, I know. But the French understand rhythm. Mathilde Fernandez has that prerequisite dope beat, but citing influences like Nina Hagen and Marilyn Manson, she draws on this darker sway for her dramatic vocals and delivery.

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Marquis Drive is a seven-piece band from the middle of England that reminds me of Brit bands I loved around the mid to late 90s. A little bit Stereophonics mixed in with an Oasis chorus, Shine On ticks a lot of boxes for me, but not just in the nostalgia column. It’s a great sounding song that deals with a heavy topic. About the song, singer and songwriter, Eddie Thomas says “I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression, and this was written after I came round to understand what was up with me. The first step is to tell yourself you’ll be alright, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”



Moon Panda is a dream-pop band fronted by vocalist Maddy Myers and guitarist Gustav Moltke. Now based in Moltke’s homeland of Denmark, this band is a must-listen for fans of Beach House and Warpaint (which is 100% of the planet, right?). Below is the video for Gun, the band’s second single. Hopefully, we get a long-player soon.



London jazz collective Nérija has released their debut album, Blume today. Consisting of Sheila Maurice-Grey on trumpet, Rosie Turton on trombone, Cassie Kinoshi on alto sax, Nubya Garcia on tenor sax, Shirley Tetteh on guitar, Inga Eichler on double bass and Lizy Exell on drums, lead track, Riverfest is a lovely, breezy number to is easy to listen to without being easy listening. Play it while you’re leaving your body imprint in your chaise longue this weekend.

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Mathilde Fernandez photo by Monica Garrido

All other photo credits unknown.

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