New Music Addiction: TimeGiant’s “The Real Thing”!

Hairy Toronto rockers TimeGiant, affectionately dubbed The Jesuses among the Addicted crew, come bearing new music bounty for the classic rock lovers in us all!

Just under a year after their third release, A Night To Remember (produced by Greig Nori), the guys — Tyrone Buccione (lead vocals, lead guitar, saxophone), Ryan Watson (rhythm guitar, harmonica), Pat Wilken (bass guitar, backing vocals), Charlie McKittrick (drums, backing vocals) — have found The Real Thing! Co-written with one of my favourite producers, Brian Moncarz, the new single fits right in with their catalogue of riffy, multi-layered, feel-good ’70s tunes. It’s a track I can see us cruising into a golden, hazy Indian summer to — and heavens know we deserve it.

Busy bees that they are, the TG boys have been tearing up the road all year, sharing bills with bands like The Headstones, MENEW, Head of the Herd, Silverstein, My Darkest Days and a reunited Rusty, not to mention a slew of festivals and even a wrestling show. To boot, they braved one of winter 2014’s biggest snowstorms to film the video for Been Here Before.

So, what’s next? Addicted sat down with Tyrone to see what, exactly, time will tell for these good time rock n’ rollers.

New singles usually signal something more in the works – what have you guys got lined up for the fall and beyond into 2015?

This single is leading up to an EP we are looking to release in the autumn. We’ve been collaborating with vocalist Phil Naro (Classic Albums Live, Druckfarben) on a new song that leans towards our more progressive rock roots, and also working with producer Brian Moncarz on the other material, which will be more rock radio friendly. Into 2015, we will be looking to expand internationally and trying out some new markets in the US, Europe and Japan, but otherwise we will be keeping steady releasing music and touring in Canada.

What was the process of and inspiration for writing and bringing to life this new single, and what was it like working with the very cool Brian Moncarz?

TimeGiant released a 7 track album in September 2013, with a single called “I Am the Fire” that helped us find some cool tour dates and college radio play. With a lot on an indie band’s plate, including self-booked tours, radio tracking and promotion, it is very easy to lose sight of the reason you started a band in the first place. We felt that we hadn’t been dedicating enough time to song writing and jamming out to our favourite styles of music anymore. TimeGiant has always felt confident performing a live show but we felt we were way behind with matching our calibre of recorded material with our concert performance energy.

The inspiration came from listening to our favourite music and feeling that we really wanted to create something special that people could come back to again and again. I think if we can crack the code and find our groove in the studio, then the music itself will eventually get around to the right people and make the business side a lot easier for us. We have a long way to go but we are definitely taking a step in the right direction.

We were introduced to Brian through the very awesome Emy (that’s you) and he came out to see one of our shows which he really enjoyed. He asked for some demos so we gathered together about 30 songs and narrowed them down to 1. Once we picked the song, there were around 10 lyric rewrites and definitely more than 10 melody variations and structural arrangements. Working with Brian has been amazing, he was on the same page as us since day 1 and believes in recording methods that we stand behind as well. Personally, I feel like I am developing as a musician and a songwriter because he pushes us to create and is honest about what he thinks is best for the music.

On a professional level, what were some highlights this year for you guys?

TimeGiant kicked off New Year’s with a show in Niagara Falls USA with The Headstones – a great start to 2014. We also played a six date self-booked tour with Cambridge band MENEW and received our very first FACTOR music recording grant. The biggest highlight for me has been the focus on writing and a shift in our business plan to make the music the centre of attention.

You’ve been road warriors and playing tons of shows recently – are there any absurd, hilarious, or downright unreal rock n’ roll moments you can share from the vault? (Don’t hold back!)

Well, the funniest one I can think of over the years was probably way back in 2009 when the band was called “TIME.” We had just finished a tour out west doing 23 shows in 30 days and our final gig was at the University of Windsor quad on this fold out, camper type stage. The crowd was really digging the set but there was one guy who just wanted to start shit and kept trying to get this chant going: “TIME SUCKS, TIME SUCKS.”

We rang out our last chord as the guy came on stage and grabbed the mic and tried chanting this thing again. The crowd was 100% on our side, so it was like buddy was like trying to preach lamb chops to PETA. This first year dude with a light up LED t-shirt grabbed him and pulled his shirt over his head, hockey style, and just started feeding him shots – crowd went wild. After all was said and done, LED guy just shot the guy’s pants down, exposing his very tiny dick to the crowd. Ha! It’s still funny when I think back. The lesson here is, don’t talk shit on a mic to a big crowd, or somebody will show everyone your penis.

Imagine TimeGiant’s playing a huge festival you’ve never been part of before – where is it, what is it, and who are you sharing the bill with?

We’re at Glastonbury in the UK sharing the bill with Muse, Queen, The Darkness and Wolfmother… and nobody is throwing shit at us.

There ya go, kids. Stay tuned – ya hear?! For more on the TG Jesuses, go see them live, or check out their website.

Aug 8th – Hamilton, ON – Stonewalls
Aug 23rd – Chatham, ON – Outdoor Free Show, Tecumseh Park, Bike Fest
Aug 29th – Toronto, ON – El Mocambo (Music City North)
Sept 20th – Toronto, ON – Rockpile East (Druckfarben CD release)

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