New Music Addiction: Gettin’ fresh with Secret Broadcast

One of life’s greatest pleasures is discovering a song that puts a bounce in your step and a smile across your face. New sonic love is pretty wonderful, and I’ve been riding the high of “More Than Friends,” the first single off Secret Broadcast’s new record Filthy Souls pretty shamelessly since hearing it a few days ago. The track is a quintessential summer song; hooky melody, high energy riffs and beats, fun lyrics and sing-a-long vocals.

Listening to “More Than Friends,” you can just feel the sticky, languid months stretch ahead: sweaty dance parties with friends, cottage skinny dips, impromptu road trips, lazy days in the sun, and impulsive adventures with strangers – this is the soundtrack to your summer fun montage! Now, compound that awesomeness with a couple of my other favorite things: cats and rock n’ roll production royalty and we’ve got magic! Filthy Souls was recorded in Seattle with producer Adam Kasper, the man who helped shape one of the most worship-worthy albums ever put to tape, Soundgarden’s Down on the Upside, into the masterpiece that it is. As for the cat part? The band used their video as an opportunity to show off kittens and recent rescues from a wonderful organization, Toronto Cat Rescue.

If you haven’t already cut away from this page to hear what I’m talking about, I commend your restraint but ask that you delay no more (and the 74,000 views in less than two weeks agree with me):

Here are a few other fun tidbits that the Calgary-made but Toronto-based band shared with us about themselves:

  • They once entertained Virgin founder and bazillionaire Richard Branson at a private party.
  • Filthy Souls was recorded at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle, where Nirvana tracked their last studio offering, ‘You Know You’re Right.’ It’s also where Dave Grohl recorded the first Foo Fighters record, and to boot, Alice in Chains have laid tunes down there there too. Clearly, magic lives in those walls.
  • For you gear heads, Secret Broadcast used Adam Kasper’s 66 Trini Lopez Gibson for most of the songs, which was used by Soundgarden on their last record, King Animal – which, if you haven’t heard, is also pretty badass.
  • On one of the final nights of recording, with Adam very excited about how fast the band was tracking everything, he asked them if they had any other songs that they might want to record. When the band suggested a cover of Nirvana’s Breed, his face lit up, and they nailed it in two takes….and as if that’s not pretty rad in itself, Kasper later revealed that they were standing in the same spots that Kurt, Dave and Krist were when they recorded in the room… for real, I’m having ’90s rock n’ roll-induced hot flashes over here. Watch and listen to that outtake here.

You know what tune I’ll be getting into trouble to this summer! Keep up with the boys online:

Emy Stantcheva
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