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There are off-the-beaten path travellers and then there are those who prefer no path at all. For the adventurous and interminably curious, Secret Marvels of the World: 360 Extraordinary Places You Never Knew Existed and How to Find Them is a compendium of the planet’s weirdest, most wonderful and intriguing sights that have to be seen to be believed.

Out August 15, 2017, Lonely Planet will take you on a journey to discover 360 extraordinary places around the world, from eerie natural wonders to man-made oddities, underwater museums to singing trees and crawling rocks, as Secret Marvels of the World uncovers a world unknown to the everyday explorer.



Discover cave crystals in Chihuahua, Mexico and an ancient Incan agricultural research station in Peru. Overseas, explore a perpetually frozen cave in Slovakia, a pink saline lake in Senegal, an underwater post office off the island of Vanuatu and a rainbow-colored national park in China. There’s a town in Australia that’s home to 5,000 gnomes, an island in Japan where cats outnumber humans six to one and another in Brazil overrun by poisonous snakes.



Secret Marvels of the World also features almost a dozen Top 10 lists, including:

  • Bizarre Disaster Sites
  • Nerve-Wracking Rocks
  • Outstanding Ossuaries
  • Unsettling Hotels
  • Micronations
  • Spine-Chilling Corpses
  • Berlin Walls Around the World
  • Eye-Popping Festivals in Asia
  • London’s Strangest Sights
  • Tremendous Toilets
  • Australia’s Big Roadside Attractions


Looks like you have some reading to do!


Also out from Lonely Planet this month is From the Source: Mexico and Epic Drives of the World (Lonely Planet / $35.00 / August 15, 2017) a guide to the greatest road trips across six continents, from Iceland’s 830-mile Ring Road to Hawaii’s Hana Highway and Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Road.



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