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Singer/songwriter, Jasmine Karimova is in the midst of a successful career across the pond. Based in Holland, this 18 year-old of Tajik and British parentage has appeared on the Dutch version of The Voice and was featured in Russian Vogue. This month, she released her debut album, From The Womb.

Recorded in Los Angeles with a slew of top jobbers, the album blends styles but sticks to a mellow tempo. Obvious comparisons will point to Fiona Apple or Regina Spektor, but that feels a bit short-sighted. Karimova does delve into some piano pop and has chamber elements that could nod to those artists, but her voice spans a broader range of styles than either of those two. Subtle at times but characterized more by her growl and throatiness. The playing on From The Womb is stellar as is the production by Stuart Davis. The feel of the instrumentation works to suit Karimova’s varying vocals. The concept of the album is obviously autobiographical, which a cynic could argue is ridiculous for such a young artist. However, following the stories and understanding her unique background quashes this notion. The songs are short and sweet, which sets them as delightful memories you want to revisit.

Highlights are Leaving Amsterdam, 6 Feet Under and single, Mother. From The Womb was released on April 4 and is available on all the usual channels.


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