New Artist Alert: Charles Cleyn

We get a lot of music submissions, thousands monthly, if not weekly at this point. So if you want your email to be read, you better get creative.

This month’s New Artist Alert goes to Charles Cleyn, partly because we like his new single, and partly because he managed to get creative enough in his email that it caught our eye.

The email opened with: “Hey Mark, I’m a dick – I’m addicted to you.. ok, bad joke, I know.”

I have to admit, you’d be surprised how many people get my name wrong when emailing me, or the name of the magazine, so there are two points, the third when we went to listen to the track and watch the video it showcased a performer and artist with some serious potential.

His new single is called “Decisions” and is a soft, simple pop song that’s a great escape from our current social climate, and unlike a lot of current music, is pure and not at all overproduced, and while we don’t think this song is a hit, that’s not what New Artist Alert is about, it’s about discovering stars of the future.

So we thought while we had him, we’d ask Charles a few questions:


What made you want to get into music?

I started playing air guitar when I was two years old, not even being fully aware of what a guitar is. I would spin around pretending I was Paul McCartney singing Let It Be. Since playing air guitar, I started singing and playing the real guitar. It has always brought me pure happiness and fulfilment and that is what made me get into music.


Who are your 3 favourite artists or bands? (one being Canadian)

My favourite artist is from Toronto Canada. His name is Afie Jurvanen and he started the band Bahamas. My two other favourites that have shaped my songwriting are The Beatles and John Mayer.


What makes a song great to you?

The melody and vocals make the song for me. A strong melody will catch me and a powerful voice will keep me engaged throughout the song.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself touring for two months of the year around the world and the other 10 months making most of my living with online platforms like YouTube and Instagram. For instance, recording and publishing music for people to watch and listen online. But also making videos that inspire and teach people to reach their dreams by showing them practical strategies and tactics to do so.


What do you want people to take away from your music?

I want them to be inspired. I want them to cry joyfully and remember happy moments in their life. My songs are about finding love, trusting people, taking risks, and believing in people. I want the songs to make an impact on their lives and have it dramatically move them.

Between his music, his look, and his cute and candid videos, we can see with a lot of work how Charles could make his way into being the next big Canadian export.



Check out his debut single and video for Decisions:


and listen where you like:


Apple Music:


We’ll be keeping an eye on Charles, his music and career, I mean this would be about the 300th time we’d be right.



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