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Hell has frozen over, I sit here today not only writing about napkins, but raving about them. Who knew this day would come, but it has.

I, like you, have never really paid much attention to napkins over the years, possibly excluding Bdays, but even then in the past I would just grab whatever, that is until I tried out “The Napkins”

The napkins is a husband and wife run company whose premium single-use napkins made their US debut in 2015. Inspired by the high end hotel and gastronomy world, their dining solutions are the first to fill the niche between premium paper and linen napkins. They are exclusively designed in Switzerland and produced in Italy, exuding a sophisticated European aesthetic while appealing to a wide range of budgets.

Now you may think, omg Mark has finally fallen on the deep end, but quite the opposite, the different lines offered are truly the most amazing napkins I have ever used in my entire life.

From the super high quality bamboo to the ulta modern cityscape collection, these napkins will blow you away, and then clean up the mess.

The Bamboo Napkins:

Whether you are having a fancy dinner, a picknik or anything in between, these are the must have napkins. the sheer out of this world durability of product is astounding. We cleaned up spills, washed the counter-tops, at one point we even spilled a drink and with one napkin cleaned up the entire mess. WOW.

The CityScape Napkins:

If you are looking for something to add a little modern spark to your entertaining, then you’ll want to go with the CityScape collection.

The ultra stylish napkins are actually art, don’t believe me, we framed them and turned them into wall art. Pretty creative eh?

Excited to entertain? We thought so.

Shop today at: The Napkins

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