Naomi Campbell Celebrates 30 Years


There is no denying that Naomi Campbell is a supermodel, some may even argue that she is The Supermodel. Her career has spanned over 30 years; she has became so well known in the pop culture zeitgeist that she can simply be referred to as Naomi and everyone knows it means Campbell. First discovered at the age of 15 by a model scout, she continues to work well into here 40s. To document one of the most successful careers in modeling history, Naomi has finally released a tome through Taschen. Aptly titled Naomi Campbell, is released on April 7th. The book allows the readers to experience her full retrospective – her work and Naomi herself. This tome is massive just like the larger than life supermodel; the two-part book provides an extensive and, often at times, candid overview of her life and career. The book chronicles the journey from her early beginnings in London at the age of 16 to the height of her reign as one of the ’90s supermodels. Naomi Campbell also features some of the most stunning and iconic images of Campbell from the past 30 years. This just might be the perfect coffee table book (if not one of the most expensive at $1750.00); housed in a provocative pink bustier case by sculptor Allen Jones this is one sexy book.


Christian Dare
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Christian Dare