Want Lash Extensions? Head To MYNC!

Girls are obsessed with their lashes. That’s jus a fact of life! But doing your eye makeup can be a huge pain every single day. If you’ve ever considered getting eye lash extensions, you’re going to want to check out MYNC, which has Toronto locations on Queen West, Yorkville, and Uptown on Yonge. I was lucky enough to get the full lash treatment from the lovely ladies at MYNC in Yorkville, and couldn’t have been more happy with the results. The process of getting the lashes themselves isn’t the most fun you’ll ever have, but the results are totally worth it.

First of all, the MYNC salon is absolutely adorable. Everything is pink and pretty, they had lemon water with colourful ice cubes, and even had a super fun romantic comedy playing quietly on a TV. Not to mention, they play excellent music – not sure if it was a playlist or a mystical radio station, but either way I was into the vibe.

For those of you who have never had eye lash extensions, you need to know that it isn’t the absolute greatest. I’m particularly sensitive to anything to do with my eyeballs, so I’m not the biggest fan of people poking around in that area. However, this was my second time getting eye lash extensions, so I knew what to expect. Small gel pads are put between your eyelids to make sure your top and bottom lashes aren’t adhered together (which is a pretty key component to the process). I received their “Pretty in Mink” package, which took a little under an hour to apply – this was particularly relaxing since I was between NXNE events and was exhausted. My stylist, Ivy, was definitely very good at her job, as was Fereshta, the Head Beauty Concierge. Everyone at the salon was incredibly helpful and lovely, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the final results. Not only do my lashes look amazing, but I even convinced a friend to get her lashes done, too!

If you’re considering lash extensions, or need other fun beauty treatments, MYNC is your new best friend.



Alex Payne

Alex Payne

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