My Old Spice Adventure

A couple months back I was invited on a trip to go behind the brand with Old Spice. The trip would include meeting with the R&D team, learning more about Proctor and Gamble (its parent company) and also learn about where Old Spice came from and where it’s going. Little did I know about that from that first email that I would get to catch a Cincinnati Reds game, meet old spice ambassador Isaiah Mustafa, meet some amazing people, run and complete a Tough Mudder, visit 2 states and a whole bunch more. This is the story of my Old Spice Adventure.

As I stepped off the plane and felt the warm air touch my skin, a smile came to my face thinking of what the week would bring. The town car rolled up we got in and made our way to the hotel in Cincinnati. I checked in, got ready and made my way down to dinner to meet with the other men (bloggers, writers, influencers) to have dinner and meet not only them but also the PR team and some of the reps from Old Spice.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner a BOCA, and chatted with the rest the group  as the night went on. I got a better sense of the guys, the team, and a glimpse into the city, and after the social fun I was ready to get myself to bed for the following day that would lead us into the heart of one of the world’s biggest brands.

The next day we arrived at P&G headquarters to learn all about the Old Spice Brand.

Founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz, Old Spice is an American brand of male grooming products. It is manufactured by Procter & Gamble, who acquired the brand in 1990 from Shulton, Inc. and in today’s world is know for not only their great scents, tough antiperspirants but also for being one of the best in advertising and social bar none.

So I had a lot to take in over the day from some of the original products to what they are working on behind the scenes, and while I can’t share all of it with you, I can share some of the things that I learned. For instance, did you know that they test antiperspirant in hot and cold conditions, different altitudes, and also scent-test all their products in blind tests? Well they do, and have again and again been chosen as the favorite scents.

No only that, but after seeing this and all the testing they do, I get why, they want to make a product that will stand up to your lifestyle, and the greatest test that I have ever seen was on myself after running Tough Mudder on the next day. After runniung almost 12 miles and overcoming 22 obstacles my underarms still smelled good. If that’s not the greatest testimonial ever, I don’t know what is.



I have to admit as I sat at the game that night before I thought to myself, will I make it through Tough Mudder? Will Isaiah run it with us? Will the antiperspirant pass the test? As the fireworks went off after the game and we walked back to the hotel, those thoughts all floated around my head, with my impending Tough Mudder race staying at the forefront of my mind.

Little did I know I would experience a great bro moment that would change my trip.

The morning of the challenge came, and I was nervous. We were all huddled at the start of the race and Isaiah gave us some encouraging words while the rest of the Old Spice team that weren’t running cheered us all on. At that moment we took off for what would be one of the most epic days of my life.

On the first mile, I remember thinking three things. Damn, it’s hot, I smell good, and last and most overwhelming, I’m not going to make it.

As I approached the second obstacle which was a giant mud pit I had the thought, “if you need to, just bail now…” As I had that though, one of the 3 guys I would run the race with reached out and helped me, patted me on the back, and said “you ok?” I replied yes, the guys all nodded, and we were off.
Through the run, the obstacles, falling, jumping, the mud, the cuts, the bruises, the 3 guys, Rick, Jon, and Paul were there with me through most of the race. Even though we would get separated at certain points through the race, we literally helped each other through by any means possible. We cheered each other on, waited when someone was having trouble, checked in on each other, and most of all, through the whole thing we knew we were there to make it through as a team. That didn’t just apply to us, all through the race people were helping people, people they knew, even people they had never met. It was like a giant family had been formed to complete a mission. The mission was to not give up, and even as I was electrocuted at the very end, I’m proud to say that I didn’t give up.

I guess that’s the moral and the irony of this whole story, I went to learn all about a brand and learned all about myself as well .I learned that I am stronger than I thought, that I am determined, and I learned that I can really last. And what else can really last and last? That’s Old Spice.

I guess you could say we were both put to the test that day, and you know what, we both won.

For more info on Old Spice and Tough Mudder visit their websites today.



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