MVMT: This Millennial Watch Brand is Coming to Canada and we can’t wait

Owning a luxury watch is almost like a rite of passage into adulthood. You have your sh*t together (kind of), and you like the illusion that chronic lateness isn’t of prominence in your life. But let’s be real, “said watch” shouldn’t cost more than a month’s rent! If you’ve been shopping around for a watch that has style AND luxury, for a ridiculously affordable price, your search is about to be answered by MVMT.

Founded by two college dropouts (Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante), this millennial-driven brand may be your best alternative to overpriced watches and it won’t include duties or customs. The brand will be available in Canadian stores for the first time at the end of the summer and will conveniently be available at The Bay, Watch It, and Simons, as well as some independent watch/ jewelry stores.

If MVMT (pronounced movement) is finally beginning to ring a bell, it’s likely because you’ve ogled it on social media before, as it’s decorated the wrists of many top influencers. You may have also totally overestimated the cost like I did because the simple designs are sleek AF; you’d think the price point would be much higher than it is, but it’s totally fair! Actually, it’s pretty unbelievable clocking in at around the $150 and $200 mark.

Sold? While you’re not alone… So are 4.5 million other followers on social media, meaning you’re definitely not the only one stuck in the paradox of wanting a millennial timepiece. This whole idea of affordable luxury seeks to disrupt the market that has been heavily dominated by legacy brands like Rolex. While these types of heritage brands have their appeal, I’m not mad about having a more affordable option.

For most people, Rolex and other equivalents just aren’t realistic or accessible and therefore don’t resonate with the Millennial culture. But don’t get it twisted, the sleek designs of MVMT also have a timeless appeal that reaches a more general audience: a MVMT watch is something that will suit you now, and later in life.

A stylish timepiece shouldn’t break the bank, and with over a million customers in 160+ countries (and growing), it’s pretty clear that most people agree. MVMT is a brand that everyone should totally be excited about.

Dying to get your hands on a MVMT watch? The brand will officially be sold in 90 of The Bay locations across Canada, as well as Watch It, Simons, and independent retailers on Sept 15th.


Check out our top picks below and for more, see Hotrate’s article on the 8 best MVMT watches for 2020.



Starlight Black

Astro Blue

White Caramel


Black Leather



White Caramel