Music Monday: Waves that Stray Video review for “Mr Wild the killer child”

Photo Cred: Johnathan Ball

*guest written by Cole Smith. Cole is a musician, a music lover and a serious boss lady.  She is also the cofounder Over the Bridge, a not for profit dedicated to safeguarding the mental health and wellness of members of the music industry.  
Toronto band Waves That Stray, releases the video for ‘Mr Wild the Killer Child‘… …and it’s awesome.
Born in the heart of the Toronto music scene, Waves That Stray, just announced the release of the video for their song ‘Mr Wild the Killer Child‘, and I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak and review it!
In all my years of working with independent bands, I have always loved when people pay attention to detail in their craft and team up with equally talented individuals to create a visual to go along with the audio. Videos can be hard to produce, especially at an Indie level. However, that didn’t deter WTS from producing one of the most interesting and well-shot videos I’ve seen in a long time.
The video starts with the main character (portrayed by the bands own Sean Maclean) driving through city streets at night, with a gas mask on. Cut with scenes of two people in a misty background sitting on a couch watching beautiful girls fire swallowing and perform other circus acts in slow motion. Layered spacious vocals create a sense of eerie mysticism, while the beatboxing that follows allows this track to establish a balance of urban and tribal… this, combined with the “Mad Max” like imagery made me hooked right from the get-go.
As the video continues on, I start to pay attention to the fact that this video was shot more and more like a feature film, rather than a music video. The slow intentional camera movements capture the exploration of the main character as he travels through the underbelly of the city streets. You stay focused and pay deep attention to the other people he meets: A girl with spray painting the inside of a building, A menacing looking bearded man, and even a female dominate duo flogging a willing ‘customer’ in a run-down building covered in graffiti. What was interesting to me was seeing the looks exchanged between these other characters and himself, almost as if they were perhaps studying each other with a hint of tension.
Cut with various shots of the circus girls, a deceased man lying next to a makeshift cross in broad daylight, and the beautiful footage of Kensington Market captured at dusk, the entire video is really quite captivating!
Waves That Stray found an amazing way to propel the 90’s pop industrial look and sound into next year with ‘Mr Wild the Killer Child’. Everything about this song and video represents just how awesomely simplistic, sensual, and dark music can be and it left me with anticipation to see what the group will release next.
An excellent driving-at-night song, I will for sure have this on my playlist driving through the city streets…. minus the gas mask, of course. Watch it yourself below!

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly