Music Erupts into Transatlantic Love Affair – Flora Cash

After a hectic day downtown I find the perfect seat on a train, tightly packed with business people headed back to the suburbs. I put my headphones on; staring out the window as the train starts chugging down the tracks and the world flies past me. Flora Cash croons in my ears, and I begin to daydream.

Flora Cash is a Swedish indie folk duo, comprised of Cole Randall and, his wife, Shpresa Lleshaj. The story of how these two met immediately made me smile. Their band is the product of a transatlantic love affair that began on Soundcloud in 2012, where they first traded their music – falling in love with the sounds, and then, with each other. The pair have not been apart since, travelling the world before finally settling in Stockholm, where they consistently sell out shows, and it’s very easy to understand why. The pair have created a truly unique sound that is both incredibly tranquil and haunting; everything about their music is smooth and utterly hypnotizing: from their voices, which drip like honey, to their use of instruments. I highly recommend the following, which have quickly become my favourite songs: “In the Winter”, “For Someone”, “This Breeze”, and “I’ll Be With You”. Check Flora Cash out on Soundcloud for yourselves, you are sure to fall head over heels for their sound, and end up in a beautiful daydream.



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