Mushy Callahan – The Revelations EP

Four brothers from West Coast Canada, Mushy Callahan made the move to Toronto for their music. Fast forward to their third release, Revelations and the move has proven to be the right one.

Bookending the EP are the two best songs:  “Deep Meadow” at the beginning and “Nobody Told Me” at the end.  “Deep Meadow “is the EP’s lead single as well as a song that the band uses as the kickoff to their live show.  Its energy and uplifting beat is a fantastic way to intrigue the listener and reel them into the EP.

Tracks 2 through 5: “End of My Rope”, “Outta My Hands”, “Haunting Sleep” and “Sweet Revenge”, are solid, and quite catchy.  When reviewing the album, I listened to it on repeat for about 2 hours before even attempting to write about it.  Not once did I stop nodding my head to the music completely immersed in the lyrics and melody.

I found myself fully lost in “Nobody Told Me”.  It starts out good, hits the chorus which reels you in, but when the drums really kick in, it screams Dave Grohl in Queens of the Stone Age, “No One Knows”.  My only issue with this song is that when you really start to get into it, it ends!!

The album is one that brings me on a mental road trip to a festival.  One where I could see Mushy Callahan rocking the stage on a sunny afternoon.  Great album and looking forward to seeing them live!!

Jeannie Reid
Jeannie Reid is the Director of Music City North, an independent booking company for shows, tours as well as Soundtrack of the City, a mini-festival that runs 4 times a year in downtown Toronto. Jeannie's love and passion for music is what motivates her to be a vocal advocate for Toronto's music scene. Jeannie also facilitates a music industry group that was started by Barb Sedun, called BS Fridays. When Jeannie is not at shows, she's traveling or spending time with animals.