Mumford and Sons Visit Ottawa

Walking into the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, the crowd was met with a rare sight of a stage at centre ice, and roaming room all around. Mumford and Sons Delta tour setup was not one to disappoint, as the small stage created an intimate feel in such a large space. With large moody lights hanging out over the top of the stage, the vibe of the night was set, and it was perfect.

Though the arena was less than half full, likely due to delays from the surprise snow storm (it’s Ottawa, remember..) Cat Power took the stage first. She had a lovely smooth voice and calming vibe. A slightly odd start to what was going to be a lively night of singing and dancing, but all in all, pleasant to listen to.

When it was show time for Mumford and Sons, the place had really filled up. Crowds packed to all sides of the small instrument-covered stage. The night kicked off with two slower songs, and picked up with the well-known earlier song Little Lion Man. It was clear there was a mix of those who love the earlier songs, and those who have continued with the band into their newer slightly less banjo filled music.

The night continued to pick up as they played their classic lively set list. The small set up gave frontman Marcus Mumford the chance to hop down into the crowd and run into the lower bowl to dance and interact with lucky fans. The night ended with unexpected fireworks and confetti, but you’ll have to go find their next tour stop to get the real experience of what Delta Tour has to offer.

Words and photos by Elizabeth Durnford

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