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There’s money well spent, and then there’s money not well spent. People are so guilty of falling into the latter category because it’s so easy to spend your cash carelessly rather than spending it well. Because once all of our money has flown out of our accounts onto bills and whatever else we might need to pay out for, it would seem that there is not much leftover at all. So, we end up spending our money on last-minute treats because we feel as though we have earned it, and our money is going on everything else but us. However, it can feel like that because you might be so bad at your money management. If you know you’re a sucker for overspending in all aspects of your life, then it’s no wonder that you’ve got a cash shortage when it comes to the end of the month. So, we’re going to talk to you about ways that you can spend your money well so that you don’t feel as though you’re out of pocket at the end of the month. Once you get into a good routine with money, you’ll find that it becomes second nature to you. So, keep on reading, and we’ll show you how you can spend your money well.


Home Investments

If you have had the idea to buy your first, or perhaps even your second home, and have done it with the view of improving it to sell on, then you’ve gone down the right home buying route for the current market. Homes are on the market with work that need doing to them. This then allows a homeowner to invest in the house with a view of being able to sell it for a higher price and then move onto a new home. It also means you can look into lower mortgages than if you were to go straight in for your dream house. This may only be done once or twice before you find yourself in your dream home. The home you have chosen might not need much work doing to it at all, but it’s the little improvements that you can make that make all the difference. For example, if you buy a home that has an outdated bathroom, a bathroom renovation can be done for a couple of thousand, along with a redecorate of the rest of the house, and you could make so much more money on it. If you currently don’t have a home that you’re looking to improve, perhaps this could be an option for you. It’s a fun little project, especially if you already like the home as it is. The younger generation who are entering the property market at the minute is the driving force behind this idea. It’s seen as a longer-term investment that they know they’re going to be able to make money back from.



Many people see insurance premiums as a needless monthly outgoing that they can cut and save on. But this isn’t the case. Insurance is an invaluable investment. It protects all the things you need it to protect. Should the worst happen, you won’t find yourself forking out huge amounts of money to help repair, replace or other rectify a bad situation. Instead, the insurance company will fork out the costs. Sure, it’s a game of chance and hopefully, the worst never does arise. But insurance provides you with peace of mind and financial protection, so is generally worth that at least! Pet insurance should be essential for any pet owner. Car insurance is a legal requirement. Home insurance and contents insurance are extremely important. Phone insurance, travel insurance, the list goes on! Just make sure to use reliable insurance brokers like Always look for the lowest premium possible to minimise your monthly outgoings and all should go swimmingly!


Stock & Forex Investments

It’s far easier to buy a home that you envision yourself living in for a few years and doing a few home renovations to make some money on it. When you get into the financial side of investments, things get a little tougher. But there are some trends, again with the younger generation, of people who are trying their hand at forex trading in particular. They’re lured in by the promotions on social media that make it seem as though the likes of forex trading is easy. However, we know that to be wrong. People are suckered into the deals where they’re shown signals that make them money. However, they don’t learn how to trade currency, and the signals don’t pay well enough to make people the money it does. So, we’d recommend going down a different angle, such as with the stock market. is just one website you could check out to see how you can get started with stock market trading. You can use a similar signals service, but unlike with forex trading, there is more chance of success. Plus, if you take the time to learn the stock market around the signals offer you sign up to, you can then go on to earn bigger money while the signals earn you a bigger initial investment. Understanding the stock market and the forex market is hard, but there are plenty of online tutorials and podcasts to listen to.


Shopping Savings

Moving away from money that you could invest, and onto the money that you spend daily. Spending money on shopping can be an absolute nightmare, even for someone who is living with just a partner. But we know that many readers will have children to support as well, and the shopping bill can be sky-high. So, the first tip we have is to search online for discounts. There are many food delivery services on the internet that will give you a much bigger discount than going to a supermarket would. If not, you could search for discount codes and vouchers that you can use when doing your shopping. It might only knock 10% off your bill, but that’s money that could be used for fuel or whatever else you need to use it for. You could also think about the money you’re spending on luxuries around the home. For example, if you have tons of subscriptions and pay for a TV box that gives you everything under the sun, compare that to how much going back to basics would be. Just normal TV channels and one subscription so you can get online TV shows and movies. The money you’ll save will be ridiculous!


Personal Investments

Finally, you could start thinking about personal investments that are going to better your future. For example, many people get to their late 20s and 30s and realise they’re on the wrong path in life and need a career change. So, why not have a look at forex online courses and how much they would cost. You could retrain towards a new career that’s going to give you more money and better lifestyles. What’s more, you actually might enjoy getting up and going to work in the morning. 

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