MØ at The Danforth

Danish alt-pop star, spent 4 years working on the followup to her 2014 début, No Mythologies to Follow. In between, she had her two biggest hits still to this day. The first was a collab with Major Lazer and DJ Snake on Lean On. The next, again with Major Lazer and The Blonde Dude from Stratford on Cold Water. Not a bad way to make your way to your sophomore album.
Forever Neverland was finally released last October to very mixed reviews. She finally made her way to North America in support of the album. On a warm rainy winter night, MØ and her superb three-piece band stopped at The Danforth Music Hall for a sold out show, which featured mostly tracks from the new album and only one from the previous. Opening with the hip-hop beats of Purple Like the Summer Rain, the 19-song setlist showcased MØ’s voice and high energy. She waded out into the crowd during Red Wine, making her way to the balcony to sing down upon the capacity crowd for Trying To Be Good and Sun In Our Eyes. Throughout the show, MØ thanked the audience genuinely, as she grinned wide with each of the many loud cheers that rose up. To paraphrase, she commented that the assembled were the best audience so far of the tour and that Toronto had always greeted her generously. She said that she still remembers her very first show in Toronto, and in Canada with detail (Wrongbar, May 2014).

The loudest cheers of the night may have been for the last single release from Forever Neverland, Blur. MØ said that she suffered from writer’s block while trying to write the album but that the dam burst when she wrote this one. Preceding Blur was the equally gorgeous, Beautiful Wreck. MØ played the hits previously mentioned and fittingly, closed the night down with her 2016 single, Final Song. Throughout, the joyfully emotional crowd sent her off, still the best audience of her tour, thus far.

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