Mind-Body Nutrition: Eating with Mental Health in Mind

We all know how food influences our body weight. It has been a very popular issue, especially in the last decade when the increase of certain diseases has been on the rise due to an improper diet. However, what we eat doesn’t only affect our bodies, but at the same time influences our mind.

It’s a vicious circle which can be broken which will help us protect our bodies as well as our mental health. Certain nutrition is perfect for boosting our mind processes and making sure that we give ourselves appropriate nutrients. Paired with a healthy lifestyle and positive behaviour, this can take us a long way.

Just like the relationship between food and mind and body is intertwined, so are the methods to improve all those factors. Therefore, we prepared some effective suggestions that will help you see the food in a healthier way during everyday life activities.


You are not alone

It’s easy to allow yourself to fall into depression thinking that no one is there to support you. However, remember that someone always is. As the weight gets higher so does your anxiety to face the world and unless you start dealing with your insecurities right away, you will develop cardiovascular and other life-threatening conditions.

The first move you should make is actually the easiest one and the hardest at the same time. It regards the food you eat and in what manner. Instead of looking for answers online, visit a physician and nutritionist for detailed analysis of your health. They will make sure that you treat your body appropriately and with proper diet and/or medication.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety or other similar mental health issues, certain foods might help. Diets based on vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains, nuts and unsaturated fats, as well as folate, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D can mitigate depression and even prevent it. Additionally, start moving and we don’t mean exercising and walking around the block, although you’ll see why that is important to later in the article.

Moving, in this case, means socializing and going out among people. Do something fulfilling and meaningful, like joining a charity or participate in humanitarian activities. You can participate in events promoting a healthy way of life like marathons, sports events or group activities like Thai Chi, yoga or meditation.


Exercise and food


The most popular connection is the one between exercise and food. It’s already a known fact that one can’t go without the other if you want to achieve positive results. Consequently, the very process and its results will improve your mental health in the end.

For example, you won’t be able to lose weight in a healthy way and even sculpt your body without appropriate diet. While you should avoid white carbs, those complex ones like whole grain, are certainly something you should have for breakfast. Instant organic oats with the low GI are perfect to start the day or use in shakes. Also, make sure that your meals are based on proteins and monounsaturated fats, like olive oil, nuts, and avocado.  

If you have a trouble starting to exercise or want to share a positive experience with others, look for support groups and associations of patients with certain diseases. Participate in seminars and help them promote the healthy way of life since by helping others you will also feel optimistic about your own health. In addition, when it comes to mental health, positive stimuli to the body and mind are one of the essential elements of feeling great.


Love yourself just the way you are


Let’s be honest, we are all very critical of ourselves and often too harsh. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say “I hate myself” or “I wish I was like that“. But face it, people, unless you are truly a bad person who hurts others, what is there not to love? Of course, you look different from someone else, but you are unique in your own way.

Loving yourself just the way you are doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live healthily and responsibly, but only that you and your inner self can work on achieving wonderful things together. Try doing things by yourself, for example. Moreover, make a list of everything you always wanted to try but never had enough confidence.

Soon enough, you will stop stress eating and pay more attention to your lifestyle. With a proper diet based on fresh and nutritional ingredients your skin, hair, and nails will look better as well. Eat sweet potatoes, broccoli, fatty fish and dark chocolate, instead of saturated fats and processed food.  Their beneficial effects on your skin and hair will improve your confidence and opinion about yourself.


As you see, it’s hard to know where to start from since all of it is connected. However, starting with all at once is not an advisable move since it can be overwhelming for a person. Therefore, our advice is to concentrate on the food first. Change your diet and start paying attention to the ingredients you use by reading the labels or consulting a nutritionist.

In time, by changing this one crucial part of your life for the better, you will start feeling positive about yourself and garner the strength to continue with the healthy behaviour.   


Victoria Lim

Victoria Lim

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