Winter Footwear for men

I remember when I was a kid and it was time for back to school shopping. My mum would take us to the same shoe store year after year and they would sit us down and chat, measure our feet, make footwear suggestions. The entire experience was really something special.

As an adult, I feel like I haven’t experienced that in years, until this fall when I stopped in at Mila’s Fine Footwear on Front Street in Toronto to check out their huge selection of slyish and comfortable footwear.

When it comes to getting ready for winter, and footwear for men in general, there are 2 things that you need to take into consideration.


Finding boots that will not only last but that will stand up to the elements without being a giant winter boot, I high, treated leather boot is always a good choice, and since you could do black or brown in many different styles, just make sure they are comfortable and warm.



The second factor that always comes into play, for me at least is style. I’m not the guy that changes from shoes to boots and back again, once I’ve put something on to go out in, that’s what I’m staying in unless I’m at the beach.

So with that said, I need to sport some boots that are functional and also look great, and can transition. There are lots of options but sometimes it’s better to just keep it simple, like the style below. Classic, clean, comfortable. Done.


The pair that I picked up had a little more detail which can work really well too, sometimes that just means that it goes with less of your wardrobe but no worries since Mila’s has lots to choose from this fall  and a great staff that honestly made me feel right at home.







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