Michelle Chamuel – ‘Face The Fire’

Michelle Chamuel, known for her run on the fourth season of NBC’s The Voice, just released her hotly-anticipated solo debut “Face The Fire” on February 10th via Marquis Label Services. Chamuel’s debut offering shows off just why she ended up making it to a second-place finish on Season 4 of The Voice, With lots of synthesizers and catchy hooks, Face The Fire is defenetly going to garner some real attention and make people sit up and listen.

Here at Addicted, being the music lovers we of course needed more for our readers, and that’s exactly what you are going to get, as we have an exclusive remix of Face the Fire. Check out ‘Face The Fire’ (Vegas Mix) below:

While listening you may be thinking many questions, well we have you covered as we sat down with Michelle and asked her all about where she came from, where she is at, and where she is going.

Lets start from the beginning. When did you first discover you could sing, and do remember what song that was?

This is an interesting question, because my introduction to singing was actually through sound. I was about 3 years old and my dad was carrying me on his shoulder and we walked from the outside through some automatic glass doors into a reverby space. I heard the change in ambience and started calling out “Aa! Aa!” and listening to the echoes and change in reverb with fascination. I think it was that! Either that or the fact that I was a scream-y baby who very loudly expressed my emotions using long held out notes.

What were some of your early inspirations?

My parents love music and listened to a lot of it. They had many vinyl records like The Supremes, Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and Beethoven. I loved listening to the music too!

Being on The Voice must of been an amazing experience for you, what were the best and worse parts about it?

Wow! It’s difficult for me to think about it in terms of best and worst! I guess my favorite part was meeting all these wonderful, driven people – from my coach and his team to all the people behind the scenes that make the show run and taught us all important lessons too. The hardest part is being away from home for so long. We shot in LA and I live in Massachusetts.

What do you want people to know about you that they may not have learned from seeing you on the voice?

I understand that it could be confusing , I was on a reality singing show that highlighted my personality and most people could think that I want people to learn more about me as a person. But I would have to say that the main reason I make music is for the music to be heard and keep people company, and not necessarily so people can study me as a person. So I guess I would like to share that. I really love crafting music!

How would you describe your music?

Hmmmm. Thoughtfully. I like to take time with the music.

For your fans out there, what are you currently working on?

I have an album coming out on February 10, 2015 – it’s called Face The Fire. I’m super pumped to share it! It’s on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and The Omega Order (the awesome US indie label, The End, that I’ve teamed up with to release this album has a distribution company, The Omega Order, that is in Brooklyn and they work really hard and the warehouse where they ship everything from is attached and everyone is so rad!). It’s coming out digitally, on CD, and on vinyl. I AM SO STOKED!!!

What would be your ultimate goal for the future you?

To be a happy, healthy, good, and beneficial member of this global community.

Last question that I just have to ask….(other than music) What is your Addiction?

MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!!!!!

Well there you have it, the new record, the inside scoop and a bonus track, Don’t say Addicted doesn’t have you covered…cause we Always do!



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