Menswear Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Are You Ready?

Tweeds for fall in menswear? Groundbreaking. In fact, menswear used to be constantly in a repetitive cycle. Every fall meant the return of trench coats, corduroy pants, and tweedy jackets. You could make an easy bet on what trend would return for fall in menswear. But all of that has changed in recent years. Fashion as a whole has been shook up. Lines have been crossed and merged. Menswear has once again become playful and edgier all at once.

Here are the top 6 trends for fall that you should try.



Fashion went back to the 1950s, as rockabilly style was parachuted into the 21st century led by designers like Dior and Dries Van Noten. Most of key items felt like classic rocker cuts and styles with their signature casual rebel, free from fashion constraints aesthetic. But this newer version of rocker style seems modern again for today.

From tees to sweaters to hoodies to jackets, oversized proportions will be everywhere come fall. Perhaps we can blame the play with proportions on the return of the 1980s and hip hop influences. But this around it is about restraint as well; the styling key is to mix oversized with something very fitted. For example, one could wear an oversized sweatshirt with a slim (but not skinny) pair of jeans or tailored trousers. Check out Canadian designers like WRKDEPT for some local inspiration.



One would have never expected a fan favourite at the local soccer game would become a fashion must have. But we can easily say that the hands-down accessory of the season is the soccer scarf. Vetements has been bringing the football (soccer) scarf to style central since their early collections. But many other brands and houses have embraced this stadium staple.


THE 80s + 90s ARE BACK

Maybe it’s just because we’re longing for a simpler time, but the ’80s and ’90s have had an outsized influence on fashion of late. Whether it’s grunge, New Wave, classic hip-hop, or street style, prepare to see even more ’80s and ’90s nostalgia this fall.  So if you have saved your old school Tommy Hilfiger hoodies from back in the day, you can now pull them out again.

Over the past few seasons we have seem a huge wave of streetwear and athleisure influences. And for fall 2017, this trend has gone full force with the return of the head-to-toe tracksuit. That’s right, that adidas tracksuit is once again cool again. If that is too street for your tastes, explore more minimalist versions at Astrid Andersen or Y3



As we have witnessed many times before, the political scene always has an influence on the fashion scene. Perhaps due to the rise of some far riht parties in Europe and the Trump Era in the USA, we are seeing fashion take on politics much the same way it did in the 80s. The return of overt political statements writ large on clothing is back. As any fashion follower can attest, when fashion has an opinion, it isn’t afraid to show it. Mantras, slogans and puns poked fun at the state of affairs. Surprisingly minimalist houses like Calvin Klein took on politics under the reign of Raf Simons.





Christian Dare
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