Men’s Wedding Rings: What you Need to Know

Perfection is seldom sought after in most areas of life, but for the wedding, few will settle for anything less than. Everything must be right and done properly to establish a truly memorable and flawless day, and defying the mardy naysayers is number one on the agenda. The execution of it all must be immaculate. This is all especially true when the quota moves on to wedding rings – and it can feel like there’s only one chance to get it right.

Of course, this isn’t strictly true. Still, the novelty of your situation is bettered if you can get it right the first time. Here’s everything you need to know about securing the perfect wedding ring for your lucky fella.


The Right Size

As you’re probably aware, wedding rings are different from engagement rings. If you’ve proposed to a man, then the engagement ring has probably been adorned by your lucky partner for a while now, which means all their measurements are likely in place too. Consequently, you should obviously then know the correct size of at least one of the rings.

However, to determine the ring size of the proposer, popping down to the jewellers for a ring gauge will probably do just fine. You can’t catch lightning in a bottle twice as with the engagement proposal, so ditching any romantic nuance here is likely for the best. Things can afford to go a bit botched at the initial proposal if rings don’t fit, but when it comes for the ultimate exchange on the wedding day, it’s better that they slip on without a hitch. Head out and get those measurements!


The Right Metal

In addition to fitting comfortably, wedding rings should be somewhat practically chosen too agreed For example, if your man is frequently working in construction or other grimy lines of work, perhaps a 24-carat, pure gold, and expensive stunner are not quite ideal (unless you can trust him to take it off or keep it clean when he goes to work). After all, it’s a shame to spend all that money if it’s likely to get chipped, scratched or lost the very next day.

Of course, if you don’t really care about that stuff, it’s totally valid to still splash out. Moreover, you could go for an 18 carat that’s mixed with other metals for a harder, more durable wearing. Alternatively, a 9 carat with less gold can also incorporate harder metals, meaning more protection and a cheaper cost. In the end, there’s a range of options out there and it’s up to you to pick one out!


The Right Fashion

It’s easy to view wedding rings as one of the most important purchases in your lifetime. They can be romanticised beyond belief, and the pressure can take its toll to find something that everyone will be happy with. After all, what if you get judged for not having a six billion carat masterpiece of the tinker trade? Most people have their ‘ideal ring’, and tastes and trends vary among the masses. Which brings us onto the next item on the list; fashion!

Not every choice has to be well-researched and meticulously planned. Your ideal ring doesn’t have to tick a thousand items on someone else’s criterion or even one of them! After all, many are subverting expectations in their own purchases, abandoning old trends and creating their very own. In the end, it’s your investment, and if you like a certain ring then that’s a good enough reason to buy it!




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