Mens Style: Looking Good No Matter the Weather

As the EIC of a magazine and also a travel writer, I’m on the road a lot. With a heavy focus on Mexico over the past year, I’ve been going back and forth from Toronto every few weeks. While the opportunity to do so is amazing, and one that I am super grateful for, it has proven challenging for my wardrobe.

Now, while this isn’t specifically about how to dress when you travel, it is about some great tips I’ve learned over the years that I find can be applied whether you’re in the heat or trying to avoid the cold.

Recently I partnered with one of my fave brands for men, RW&Co. I find they have a great offering of clothing from casual pieces right through to dress items. They offer something different to their competitors and at the end of the day price wise they are rather accessible.

I picked my favourite pieces and put together some looks to showcase my tips for all you guys out there. Whether you’re trying to up your style, but don’t know how, or you’re already looking good and could just use a few extra pointers, this one is for you.


The Dress Shirt is King




Here’s something I learned a long time ago; a dress shirt makes pretty much every man look better and a can elevate even the most basic pair of jeans. As gents, we should all have a good selection of dress shirts for a variety of looks.

I suggest a couple of floral printed, a couple of bright coloured and a couple of darker/muted and monochromatic options.

In the look above I’m wearing the Slim Fit Swordfish Dress shirt and the Slim Fit Textured 5-Pocket Pant (in autumn gold).


Accessories Can Make the Outfit




I feel like I’ve been to enough parties, and received enough compliments to know you don’t need to be wearing an expensive suit or blazer to have people thinking your look is top notch. All your really need are the basics and a few good accessories.

Bow ties, ties, tie clips, pocket squares and cufflinks; have some fun by adding something extra to your look.

I love this blazer but wanted to brighten it up a bit so I added a pink tie and a pink pocket square. Don’t worry about them matching perfectly; focus on how your outfit looks when it comes together.

I’m wearing a tie that is available here, while the pocket square can be found here.


The Basics Matter



When it comes to buying the basics like t-shirts, undies and socks, I used to think that I should just buy whatever. Nowadays I make a point to buy quality basics. Like a decent mattress to improve your sleep, you’re going to spend lots of time wearing them, so they might as well be comfortable and well made.

I made sure to pick up an array of t-shirts from RW&Co. that have a little extra and therefore stand up longer than the “throwaway” t-shirts we see quite often today.

Find the ones above here.


Make Sure it Fits



You can be wearing the most expensive suit money can buy, but if it and the rest of your wardrobe don’t fit properly then there is really no point. You might as well wrap yourself up in a blanket and call it a day.

Know your measurements, try things on and don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help. In my time and visits to RW&Co. I found the staff to be super helpful when trying to make selections and happy to offer advice. They want you to look your best and trust me, it will make you want to come back.


So, invest in quality basics, dress up your dress shirts, consider adding some interesting accessories and most of all have some fun delving deeper into your personal style. You can thank me later.


All shots were taken at the stunning Paradisus Los Cabos, Mexico. For more info on the resort, please visit their website today.




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