Men’s hairstyling made easy with dippity do

I have to admit, I have noticed a lot of guys in Toronto have some great hair, and on first look, you can tell that they probably put a bit of effort into it, notice how I said “a bit”.

Looking your best, whether you’re a man or a woman is key. In not only presenting the best version of yourself, but more so because it just makes you feel better, and great hair really isn’t that hard. So, with that, I thought I would enlist the help of my friends at dippity-do, along with top stylist Rose Huggett and put together the ultimate how-to guide to help men get their hair looking it’s best.

Here are the rules to great hair for men:

Get a good stylist/barber

I get compliments all the time about my hair, which is, of course, nice, but really other than genes, it really doesn’t have that much to do with me. If you have a good stylist or barber they know what will work for you, and thus, will work with you to give you the exact look you want. Now, this also includes having a conversation around how much work you are going to put into your hair. (make sure to be honest)


The right products are key

I had some fun recently playing around with dippity-do, and I’ll tell you what, they worked very well indeed. Whether you are looking to create texture in a messier look, or you are creating a sleeker formal look, the range of products and these two, in particular, are stellar.



The blow dryer is your friend

Here’s the short cut to being a guy with great hair while using minimal effort. Style in this order:


  1. while your hair is wet work through a nickels sized dollop of product (more or less dependant on the amount of hair)

  2. Blow dry your hair using a comb or hands in the direction of the desired look (aka formal part, blow-dry from the part) messy, just go crazy.

  3. one dry, work about a dime’s worth of product into your hands and work into hair

  4. if it’s windy, use a bit of hairspray to hold


Once you have done this a few times (your stylist can show you step by step) it takes about 5 minutes of your day, and for me, it’s the difference between insane bead head or perfectly styled hair and the end result is only a few minutes away.

Check out the video below as it outlines the steps:


The end result with dippity-do Styling Cream:


The end result with dippity-do Paste:


Ready to up your hair game? Thought it was harder that it actually is? I know, I’ve been there, but, with great products and minimal energy, you can look like a perfect gentleman every time.



Photo and video by Sergio Alvarado / Hair by Rose Huggett / Post sponsored by Dippity Do





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