Men’s Apartment Essentials – Make Your Bachelor Pad a Home

Having a bachelor pad is a dream come true for a lot of guys out there, however, sometimes, there’s a fine line between enjoying the absolute freedom within your own home and neglecting it. You see, a bachelor’s pad shouldn’t be just a place where you can crash on occasion, what it needs to be is your sanctuary, your headquarters, your home. With that in mind and without further ado, here are five suggestions that will help you make it so.

Providing some entertainment

The first idea that a lot of people associate the idea of a bachelor pad with is the one of entertainment and it comes in many different forms and formats. In 2019, the first thing you need to consider is your entertainment system, which is going to be crucial, regardless if you aim to just enjoy the game with the boys or play some video games in your spare time. Instead of going for an expensive monitor-TV, what you could do instead is find a decent projector, which will give you a much better value per inch of the screen. Other than this, you might also want to consider getting a pool table, a ping-pong table or table soccer.

An exercise set

There’s nothing more important for your long-term health than a life full of exercise, however, a gym membership alone is not enough. Instead, you might want to invest in an exercise set of your own, which shouldn’t come in as that much of an expense or effort. First, you need a floor mat where you can do your sit-ups. Second, you need a pull-up bar and there are some amazing items that can be installed in a doorway. The rest of the workouts can be done with your own bodyweights but getting some dumbbells might also be a great idea.

Invaluable kitchen appliances

Previously we’ve talked about the importance of proper exercise but it’s just one tiny part of your efforts to lead a cleaner, healthier lifestyle – the other one is proper nutrition. Now, due to the fact that you’re most likely quite busy as it is, what you need are some methods that can help save you some time. Therefore, what you need at very least are a toaster, a juicer and a coffee maker, maybe a Keurig like this one. These three items alone can ensure that you have a great start to every day by eating and drinking healthily as soon as you get up in the morning.

Getting some privacy

The next thing you need to understand is the fact that your apartment needs to become your fortress of solitude and this requires an investment in privacy. Now there are several ways you can go on about this and the choice is yours. If you’re living in an open floor apartment, you might want to consider getting some dividers that can be used as natural barriers, providing some parts of your home with more privacy. More importantly, however, you need to protect your home from the outside world. For this, checking out the offer of a window furnishing retailer like Marlow & Finch and getting some curtains, shutters or blinds might be a good idea.

Framed art

There’s nothing that can give an apartment a character quite like a framed art put on display. While a lot of guys might feel a bit reluctant to go down this road, remember that you don’t really have to go too artsy when it comes to the selection of the art in question. You can go with some minimalist ideas or Rock n’ Roll motifs. Automotive paintings, classic comic book covers and movie posters are options that are more than worth considering. Still, it all depends on your own interests and visual criteria.

In conclusion

As you can see, the most important thing about your home is that it can effectively reflect your lifestyle. Its role is not just to be a place where you can crash but to help you lead the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted to have. It’s there to provide you with solace and be a place of comfort, rest and respite. By sticking to these several suggestions and ideas, you can help make it just that.

Mianna Korben

Mianna Korben

Mianna is a passionate writer currently living and dreaming in Europe. She is a strong believer that both mental and physical fitness go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Her aim is to inspire people to reach their potential, feel confident and to lead a happy life. And like any other girl, she is guilty of falling in love, over and over again, with premium makeup, fashion and champagne.