Meg Myers’ releases creative new music video for Kate Bush Cover “Running up that hill”

Meg Myers has put out a killer cover of “Running up that hill” by Kate Bush, and now has released a powerful and heartwarming new music video to accompany it.

Myers’ originally performed her powerful rendition of the song in an NPR Tiny Desk session.  The passion and power of Myers’ voice do incredible justice to the iconic feminist anthem, her rock and roll sensibilities the raw vibe of the live recording make the song as fresh as if it was first written yesterday.  And when a cover is this good, the accompanying video has a lot to live up to.  And Meg Myers does not disappoint.
The eye-popping new video for “Running up that hill”  features hand-colored compositions from 2,130 children from across the United States, including many at the ‘Heart of Los Angeles’ (HOLA) school in California.  HOLA is a non-profit that gives underprivileged kids an equal chance to succeed through a comprehensive array of after-school academic, arts, athletics and wellness programs. As part of her partnership with HOLA, Meg and producer/director Jo Roy taught animation classes to elementary school students. The frames made during the classes were then composited together, and used in the video.  The result is a bright, ethereal, and smile-inducing animated journey that both compliments and contrasts the weighty power of the song. Every child’s creativity is expressed uniquely, and captured throughout the video, with every flickering moment representing another child’s self expression.
From Jo Roy:
“The production process for “Running Up That Hill” began with a demanding green screen shoot in which Meg climbed monkey bars, hung upside down, flew using a harness and wires, and performed her first piece of choreography! In post, we erased all the rigging, added animation components that were moved around using visual effects (including wings), and put every frame through a photoshop filter to define the “coloring book” lines. Then, the frames were printed off into individual coloring pages which were distributed to 10 schools and various organizations in Los Angeles and Canada for children to color with real crayons also provided. Finally, the colored frames were collected and re-scanned to create one colorful final video made by literally thousands of people!”
From Meg Myers – “This video is about transformation. Jo Roy, the director and I were inspired to express in this video that we can change our story we’ve been living when we follow our hearts and our intuition, our guts. This video shows the evolution of me as a caterpillar turning into a month/butterfly.”
Here it is, “Running up that hill” by Meg Myers.


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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly