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In 1994, the first online dating website launched, and ever since, people have been using the internet to date. While online dating poses some risks to safety and potential cat-fishing, it does have many advantages, namely that it’s efficient and you meet people you wouldn’t other meet in real life (IRL). But online dating isn’t necessarily for everyone.  So, in this day and age, when our time is becoming more constricted and the interactions we have with new people are fewer and fewer, how does one go about meeting someone IRL?

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This week, Sarah and I cover to pros and cons of dating online VS. meeting people IRL and then going on dates. We believe that dating apps are just one tool in your robust dating arsenal, but we also agree that finding people IRL outside of your current social circle can be difficult.  But trust us, its worth it.  Here are some tips for you to consider while exploring your meet-cute options.

Dating Apps Are Not A Replacement for Your Social Life

You might be on seven dating apps. Good for you! But have you gone out and interacted with anyone on a Saturday night recently? If you aren’t snagging any dates from apps, switch it up and try a wine tasting night or an improv class. You might meet someone there you swiped left on a digital platform and hit it off!

You Need A Dating Accountability Buddy No Matter What Method You’re Using

It’s really easy to create static dating energy, especially on dating apps. You might think you’re putting yourself out there when in reality you’re limiting yourself with filters. You may also think you’re being assertive IRL, but maybe lately you’ve been withdrawn. Select an accountability buddy (or two!) to keep you motivated while dating.

Not Everyone IRL Behaves Well

And we’re not talking about a #MeToo moment. In social situations, people in relationships sometimes lead single people on without letting them know they have a partner. On apps, you are much more able to assume that someone is single (unless they’re polyamorous or monogamous, which they disclose.)

Making New Friends Opens You Up to New Dates

Ou social circles get smaller as we leave school and get older and more entrenched in our careers. The opportunities for making new friends get harder and it limits our dating pools. That being said, opportunities arise every day! You may question the purpose of joining an all women’s book club if your’e a straight lady who wants to find a man-but all those ladies know men! And guys, your new gay male coworker might just know your soulmate.

Listen to Episode 68 of You do You: a dating podcast below:



Kaley Ames

Kaley Ames

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Kaley Ames is a feminist stylist, PR consultant and podcaster living in downtown Toronto. She traded in a career in politics to help people express their personalities through fashion, beauty and storytelling. Kaley is a co-host of You Do You: A Dating Podcast and holds a masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from York University. She can often be seen at the movie theatre watching the latest blockbuster hit or watering her many houseplants.
Kaley Ames
Kaley Ames