Ask Your #mancrushmonday with Jake Boyd

Our #MCM this week is Jake Boyd, the drummer from what is likely one of your favourite bands. Hollerado is a killer four-piece from Ottawa, and they’re up to their old tricks making amazing music and winding up audiences all over the damn place. Jake could be described as the resident nerd, with an affinity for The Simpsons and Nintendo 64 (including, but not limited to, Pilot Wings 64 and Cruisin’ USA). We discussed cute dates to the AGO and Samuel L. Jackson, and show how sexy smart can be on this #mancrushmonday.

What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?
The sound of their voice. Meaning, both the tonal qualities of it, and also how they use it. If size does in fact matter, then for me, one of the most attractive things possible is to possess a large vocabulary.


Who would you want to have make the first move?
I don’t think I have ever once “made the first move” – even with friendships. Somehow, I am simultaneously obnoxiously loud and also incredibly nervous and insecure. Actually, insecurity is probably a pretty common trait to be held by people who are loud and brash…


What is your ideal first date?
My current girlfriend (whom I’m marrying later this summer) and I had the perfect first date. It was at the Art Gallery of Ontario, during the Picasso exhibit, in 2012. I think part of the reason that it went so well was that we were in an art gallery, so I couldn’t just talk my face off and ruin everything. Also, a gallery or museum date is a great first date because typically it will include little to no alcohol. I absolutely love to drink, but it’s probably better to be more-or-less sober for early-in-the-relationship date vibes.


What’s your instant deal breaker?
Going back to the first question, a nasally voice can be a deal breaker. I guess that’s where I’m vain – I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone who’s voice I didn’t absolutely love.
Another huge deal breaker is not knowing the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”. It is really not that difficult. “There” refers to something, “their” is possessive, and “they’re” is a contraction of “they are”. In the words of Samuel L. Jackson character ‘Jules Winnfeld’ – “ENGLISH, Motherfucker. DO YOU SPEAK IT!?”


Who do you go to for dating advice?
Honestly? My Mom. When I was about 15 she told me to find the person that I enjoy having conversation with and having sex with, more than all others, and spend my life with them. She also told me that the idea of “waiting until marriage” is a ludicrous one. I think that that is pretty damn good dating advice.

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Header Photo: Kevin Lamb 
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