Making Lip Color dreams come true at Lip Lab by Bite

The search for the perfect lipstick; it’s both a rite of passage and a never-ending journey for every makeup lover.  There are many versions of perfection in the land of lip color; that essential nude that completes a vast array of makeup looks, that flattering red that suits your skin tone perfectly, or that show-stopping, eye-popping color that’s the secret weapon in every makeup collection.  No matter which version you may be after, we’ve all had the same thought at one point or another; “I wish I could just make that perfect lipstick for myself”.  Well, there’s a company that’s had the same thought, and turned it into a reality.

Welcome to the Liplab by Bite. 


Bite Beauty is a Canadian cosmetics company built on the premise that anything you put on your lips should be good enough to put past your lips.  Premium, good for you ingredients and high quality and powerful pigments come together to create beautiful, long-wearing and comfortable lipsticks that you can feel good about wearing.  Taking their lip game to another level, Bite has opened 4 Lip Labs across North America, with one located right here in Toronto.

There are two main services offered at the lab:

A La Carte

( $55 CAD for 1 lipstick or $80 CAD for 2 lipsticks )

This service is what the Lip Lab is known for.  The Color Artists will guide guests through the lab’s menu of choices to create a personalized lipstick. First the shade is selected from a library of over 200 Lip Lab pigments, ranging from the most neutral nude to the most vibrant of primary colors.  Next, the finish is chosen; Matte, Satin, Luminous and Sheer, depending on the wearer’s preference.  And finally, an aromatic oil based scent can be added to give the finished lipstick a hint of flavor.  After all the main ingredients are selected, the color artist cooks it all up and pours the resulting concoction in a mold.

Once the lipstick form is achieved, it’s placed on a frozen tray for cooling, then inserted into a tube, ready to be worn by its happy new owner.


Bespoke service

($75 CAD for 1 lipstick or $150 CAD for 2 lipsticks / person)

If you’re looking to create a lipstick that’s truly all your own, then the Bespoke service is for you.  This is the lab’s ultimate lipstick experience and results in a unique and custom lipstick tailor-made for you.  I had the pleasure of going through the bespoke experience myself recently and I was quite impressed.  To start, the color artist asked me what kind of lipsticks I imagined walking away with.  I had two lipsticks to make, so I went in two very different directions; the first, a MLBB (my lips but better) classic nude tailored to my skintone in a comfortable, long-wearing texture.  The second; I simply asked the Jordyn, my lipstick bartender, what color she wished someone would ask her to make, essentially asking the expert to surprise me. She seemed tickled by the challenge.  Before we began the color portion, I was given a lip scrub and balm to prep my lips for testing out different color concoctions.  Then, Jordyn took a plastic palette, looked at my face for a few moments, then started pulling out different pigments and mixing them up.


We texted out each batch, with Jordyn adjusting the mix a couple of times before we came to one that worked.  Jordyn selected the finishes for both based on my preferences, and I chose the scents based on the colors we’d discussed.  Another special touch that comes with the bespoke package is the ability to name your lipsticks and have the tube engraved right in the store.  The resulting lipsticks turned out beautifully.


It’s easy to find the perfect lipstick when it’s tailor-made for you.  And if you run out, you can always get more; every Bespoke lipstick remains on permanent record for remaking upon any future visit to the Lip Lab.

If you’re looking to enjoy your own luxurious lipstick experience, then book yourself in at the Bite Lip Lab now.  And on July 29th, National Lipstick Day, guests can book a “Lipstick x2” service and receive a complimentary lipstick!


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly