Making the perfect Caesar on National Caesar Day

If there is one thing I know, it’s that Canadians (myself included) love a great Caesar. While there are many ways you can make this delicious cocktail, we love to stick with the classic.

So this National Caesar Day (yes, it’s a day) we’ve partnered with Wyborowa Vodka to create the perfect quintessential caesar, so you can make it at home too.

For those of you not yet aware, Wyborowa Vodka is a polish vodka that is crystal clear, and fairly neutral with a subtle hint of anise on the nose that ends smooth with a spicy finish.

Wyborowa is made from rye and thus has a flavor that pairs perfectly with this cocktail. Speaking of perfect partners, if you’re a Caesar fan like us, then not only do you have to pick up some amazing polish vodka, you need to grab some caesar mix and rimmer from Walter Caesar.


So, here’s what you’ll need before you begin.


  • Wyborowa Vodka
  • Walter Caesar Mix
  • Walter Caesar Rimmer
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Tabasco
  • One lime
  • Pickles/pickles juice
  • Tall glasses
  • Ice
  • Skewers


Now let’s begin!


  1. Rim Glasses
  2. Fill glass with Ice to the 3/4 mark
  3. 1 OZ Wybo Vodka
  4. 4 OZ Walter Caesar Mix
  5. a couple shakes of Worcestershire
  6. a couple shakes of Tabasco (more if you like your caeser spicy!)
  7. (I also add 1 oz pickle juice)
  8. Stir and garnish with pickles
  9. Splash lime and serve



There you have it, the perfect Caesar every time. All you need is some great mix, amazing vodka, some zesty pickles and you are good to go.

Now that you’re all ready, you now have another great cocktail in your arsenal for the hot days of summer fun and entertainment with your friends and family.

So, cheers to you, and to all of them, and happy National Caesar Day!


For more recipes from Wybo, visit their website today.


This is a sponsored post in partnership with Wyborowa Vodka and Addicted Media Inc.



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