Make the smart choice: iQ Office Suites

Whether you’ve been paying attention or not working spaces seem to be the way of not only the future but today. Gone seem to be the days when companies buy whole building and brand them, it seems nowadays, more people want to lose some of the responsibility of owning the walls that surround them and thus we’ve seen a huge increase in coworking spaces and companies.

One of the leaders in the field that I had the pleasure to meet with and check out their entire facility are iQ.

iQ Office Suites offer coworking spaces not only in Toronto but in many major cities across Canada, not only that, unlike some of the other spaces, iQ have decided to take workspace to a new level of luxury without the luxurious price.

If you’ve visited most co-working spaces by now you would have noticed two types. One, boring basic space in which you drop in, work away and take off, or the more hipster spaces, where it feels all too much like a giant coffee shop.

That’s where iQ stood out for me. While it feels like office space, it has a great concept and flows throughout the space. It offers the ability for total privacy or, for you to open up your environment.

With a well-appointed kitchen on each level and great styling throughout it really levels past what you might think of as a coworking space, and beyond that, they have even curated a connection between the people working in the companies through open areas, lounges and after work programming including karaoke.

It really does seem like the people at iQ and Kane Willmott – Cofounder & CEO have really gone out of their way to make this something different then just a space you rent, they have made it into a new way of work life, and to be honest, it seems like it’s a lot more fun than my days in a cubicle.


Unique Offerings from iQ:

• Serving Canada’s most successful companies

• Focused privacy (built form and technology)

• Appeal to five senses – High touch experience

• Best possible locations in Canadian Cities

• High-quality fit-out and design

• Over 900 Members across Canada


So, if you are looking for personal space, looking for a temp space for your start-up or want to break free from the shackles of working space, then you might just want to check out iQ Office and see if they might be a good fit for you.



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