Ways to Make Money Online (and Have Fun Doing It)

Personalities like makeup artist Hudda Kattan and gamer Tyler Blevins have shown you can not only make a living online but bring in annual salaries of several hundred thousand dollars. It is tempting to want to break into the scene. But, it can be difficult to decide what skills are transferable to the digital world.

If you love writing, try blogging

Bloggers make their money in two major categories: promoting products (through affiliate promotions, advertisement and endorsement) and promoting themselves (through membership programs, merchandising and events). Affiliate income is when you link to a product being sold on a third-party website. If someone buys it by following the link, you earn a commission. Membership programs are a good source of recurring income, with people paying monthly or annual fees for extra content or specific services. Many bloggers also rely on donations from Patreon supporters.

If you love gaming, try streaming

If you have a good internet connection and media set-up, you can live-stream your games on a popular streaming platform like Twitch. Many streamers start out playing a game that is popular at the time and builds up a following from there. The most popular way to make money on Twitch is through subscriptions, monthly donations from devoted followers (which you split with Twitch). Many Twitch streamers also lean on one-time donations Paypal from fans, ranging from petty cash to thousands of dollars. Merchandising, sponsorships and advertising are all good sources of income for streamers. For advertisements, streamers get an average of $2 for every 1000 views.


If you love gambling, try online casinos

While it can be a bit daunting to first enter the world of online gambling, there are plenty of legit and reliable Canadian online casino sites that let you access thousands of games in a safe environment. One of the benefits of online casinos is bonuses, special deals that let you start off the roulette wheel with free spins or allow you to begin playing without putting down a deposit. You can make real money just using bonuses. UK resident Katherine made over a thousand dollars in online casinos without having put in a cent herself.


If you love travelling, try Instagram

“Influencer” is as much a buzzword in the online sphere as “artisanal” is in a farmer’s market. However, there is a reason behind it: many companies want influencers or individual internet personalities, to promote their product to their followers. People make a living from Instagram, either making sponsored posts or becoming affiliates of a company. In order to be considered for the role, your account will need at least 5,000 followers. An extremely popular theme across Instagram is travel. Taking photos of trips, from the food you eat to the breathtaking views, can help you establish the dedicated group of followers you need to start monetizing your account.


Everyone has a different skillset. While some people could work drawing comics, others are suited to become Youtube personalities. Making an income on the internet requires a mix of dedication, willingness to try and using that skill set to the best of your ability.



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