MAINTAINING MOTIVATION: How to Keep Focused on your Fitness

A true inspiration with over a decade of experience researching, learning, and experimenting with the various pillars of health and wellness, Sonia Jhas (Get Fit with Sonia) is one of Canada’s leading health and fitness experts. So when it came time for us to talk about staying on top of your fitness goals (and not bailing on our new years resolutions) we went straight to the woman in the know. Here is the amazing advice she gave us, that we just had to pass on to you!

“Think back to the beginning of January when you first set off to conquer your wellness goals. You had energy, you had drive, and you were determined to tackle your New Year’s resolutions once and for all. Fast forward to February and the sad reality hit – it’s cold, it’s dark, work got busy, you got sick… and suddenly, you started to lose your motivation and focus. Well, I’ve got some suggestions to help get you back on track so you can stay on top of your fitness goals!”

1. Set Goals – Both Short Term / Long Term
Shooting in the dark and “hoping that this time will be different” isn’t a realistic way to approach your wellness journey. Instead, I recommend that you should set short-term and long-term goals so that you have something concrete to work towards. This will help keep you focused, determined, and feeling accountable against something tangible. A short-term goal can be something like, “I want to be able to run on the treadmill for fifteen minutes by the end of March”. A long-term goal can be something along the lines of “I want to lose 3 inches off my waist by May”. Whatever your goals are, get specific, write them down, and reflect back often to remind yourself of why you started this journey and what you’re actually looking to achieve.

2. Track Your Data
This step goes hand in hand with goal setting. Once you have tangible goals in place, you’ll want to track your data so that you can evaluate your efforts and visually see how things are moving along. Any wellness journey – whether you’re looking to lose weight, put on muscle, or master a sport – is going to be an emotional battle. Some days you’ll feel like you’re doing great, and some days you’ll feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon. Tracking your data will keep things clear so you don’t rely on your emotions to determine how you think you’re doing. Always get specific and write everything down, including your workouts, daily nutrition, and performance improvements.

3. Find an “Accountability Partner”
Why suffer alone if you don’t have to? While embarking on a wellness journey often feels quite personal, I still find it helpful to have someone riding along with you on the bumpy road. This person can be your spouse, a friend, a colleague, or anyone that will boost your morale when you’re feeling low or nudge you when you don’t want to hit the gym because it’s -40 Celsius outside. Whether you workout together or not, schedule regular check-ins with each other so that you can give and receive ongoing support.

4. Reward Yourself
As you track your progress, be sure to celebrate wellness milestones! If you reach a target or goal, reward yourself! Buy some fun fitness gear or simply give yourself a weekly “pat on the back” through a sweet treat, burger, or massage. Another great strategy is to set aside a workout jar and put in a dollar or two for each workout you do. Give yourself a monetary target (i.e. 50 or 100 dollars) and when you hit that goal, splurge however you please! This is a great way to keep things interesting and you’ll be surprised at what it can do for your motivation. Rewards really do keep things positive and exiting!

5. Be Kind To Yourself
Remember, you’re only human. You’re never going to achieve perfection, no mater how hard you push yourself, so try to be gentle and kind with your mind and your body. If you slip up by missing a workout or splurging on a decadent meal, don’t beat yourself up and sabotage your efforts by completely falling off track. Instead, acknowledge that you may have needed a “time out” from your regime and simply pick things back up. You want the journey to be as enjoyable as possible, because that’s really the only way it will be sustainable.

For more information, please log on to Get Fit with Sonia and make sure you stay connected with her on social media @getfitwithsonia



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