Love yourself: The Single Gal’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just a week away, and already I’m annoyed.  Even when I’m not single, Valentine’s Day has always been offputting to me (it’s my dad’s birthday and mine is the 14th of November – you do the math). But I find myself shaking my head at all the his and hers gift guides out there to help couples show their love on this Hallmark Holiday.  Where’s the gift guide for the fabulous single gal who doesn’t need to wait for a man to treat herself to what she wants?

So, of course, I decided to make one.  I’ve got you, fellow single gals!

Make this Valentine’s Day all about you with this selection of gifts to get yourself.  And if you like surprises, make sure you read right through the end *wink*.

Start with Self Care

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to some amazing skincare, and then really treat yourself by slathering on all those lotions and potions while binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale.  Pick up some easy and effective sheet masks, like these guys from Blitz Facial Spa and a bottle of wine and you’re set.

Spraying yourself with champagne is the kind of luxury general reserved for hip hop superstars, but this Valentine’s Day, embrace your inner Rihanna and celebrate your single status this Valentine’s day with some Champagne…for your face.  Indulge in Subtle Green’s Pour L’amour de Champagne hydrating facial spritz.  It’s the perfect solo champagne toast, and guaranteed to be hangover free.

One of my favorite treats in life is makeup, and one of the best parts about being single is there’s no one around to judge how much I spend on it (time, or money).  This Vday, pick up that cool greige lipstick or funky eyeshadow color you’ve been wanting that you know a dude wouldn’t appreciate anyway.  Or go all out and refresh your whole makeup collection with the new Annabelle Eyetech Collection as a fun gift from you to you.

And if you’re looking for a way to shorten your beauty routine, how about some lash extensions to make you feel made up even when you’re rockin your #nomakeup look.  My personal lash guy (yes, guy!) is Paddy from Relash Eyelash Extensions Studio.  Aside from being a great lash tech, Paddy makes your lash session fun, entertaining and most of all FAST.  So hit him up ASAP to get your peepers pampered for Vday.

Score some serious #bossbabe style

Embrace your inner boss babe with some spiffy new duds this Valentine’s Day.  Nothing feels more boss to me than a statement blazer or jacket, and I’ve got two great options for you.  For the corporate gal with an edge, I love Grayes Blazer dress.  It can be worn both as a dress and as a long line blazer for an effortlessly chic look that screams success.

If you’re more  Joan Jett than Arlene Dickenson then you’ll love this moto jacket from Hendrixroe. Emblazoned with “Property of no one” across the back and available in multiple metallic jewel colors, this jacket is rocker chic to a tee.

And if you’re not already sold, both of these brands are the brainchildren of power women; Stephanie Ray (Grayes) and Jordan Erin McKay (Hendrixroe) both left their more traditional careers to pursue their fashion dreams.

Treat yourself to something shiny

I shouldn’t have to tell you guys this, but you don’t have to wait around for some dude to give you pretty, shiny objects.  It’s 2018, we can get them for ourselves (and in some cases, even make them!)

An eye-catching watch is a perfect accessory for any power women.  Our friends at Cupido Designs recommend this Nixon Kensington, one of their best sellers.  With its larger face, Stainless Steel and crystal and rose gold accents, it’s a classic gift you can treat yourself to without breaking the bank.

Traditionally, women were told to wait for a man to buy them a diamond, but again, it’s 2018 and no one thinks like that anymore.  Go out and get yourself a diamond this Valentine’s day, and support a fellow fabulous female at the same time.  Head over to Studio1098 (founded by all around rad gal Tamara Kronis) and take a look at their stunning Diamond Graphic Collection. Rings, necklaces, earrings; you can get your diamonds any way you want them, and at a much more accessible price point.

And if you’re looking for something tailor-made for you, you’re in luck!  Tamara specializes in custom jewellery.  She’ll help you create a one of a kind piece of jewellery, and that’s a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day gift to yourself!

Feel fabulous through fitness

No matter your fitness level or dance experience, there’s a Brass Vixens class to help you look and feel your best this Valentine’s Day.  Not only are you burning calories and toning muscles, you’re tuning into your inner sexpot while you’re at it.  Pick up an introductory package for just $79 and embrace a fun an fabulous way to get fit. Bonus points if you DO a class on Vday: talk about an awesome date with yourself.

Self-Love and Loving yourself

Taking self-love to the most literal place possible, I would be remiss if I overlooked a single gal’s sexual health in this gift guide.  A woman’s pursuit of an orgasm doesn’t stop when she’s single; in fact, her orgasm options are truly endless.  Whether you’re having fun in the single’s scene or enjoying solo playtime, we’ve got some goodies from Durex to enhance whatever activities you chose, while keeping you safe. Check out their new Intense Orgasmic line, including a pleasure enhancing gel with cooling, warming and tingling sensations, Condoms with ribbed and dotted texture for her pleasure and even a little Vibrating Bullet ( a steal at $20) to enjoy alone or to pull out when you have a playmate over.

Take yourself out on the town

Some of the best gifts are experiences.  Being a live music junkie, on Valentine’s Day I’d treat myself to a great show, or tickets to a show that I can look forward to.  Check out Livenation’s concert listings and see what’s on the radar that you may enjoy, or maybe check out an act you’ve never heard of.

Looking for a sexier option? Then grab a ticket for the ultimate single gal’s night out, Handsome International Men at Uniun Nightclub this Saturday night (February 10th).  It’s your best bet for a fun-filled Anti-Valentine’s day extravaganza.  You’ll especially love how chill you are compared to all the non-single gals, simply because you know you could date any of the guys on stage if you wanted to #singlewins.  Get your tickets here for this or any of their future shows.



And here’s the BEST part:  I’m going to choose a few special items from this gift guide as part of a SURPRISE giveaway series just in time for Vday!  Check back on the site over the next few days to see what I choose and to enter for yourself.

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s (or Anti-Valentine’s) Day, do it in a way that makes you happy, makes you feel great, and most of all is how YOU want to celebrate.  Because that’s the best part of being single: it’s all about you.


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Nadia Elkharadly