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They say that clothing makes the man, which I only partially agree with. I do think that every man should own some great dress shirts, a selection of different ties, and maybe even a couple pairs of cufflinks, but there’s more to a man than the clothing he owns. That being said, a man of substance should still be a well dressed one.

Now when I mention these items above I’m not talking about some “run of the mill” shirts and ties, and I’m not telling you to run out and spend a fortune, but there are some great places for men to go to get some really great clothing, shoes, and accessories and Loding is exactly that.

Loding is a menswear boutique based out of Paris, France with franchises that can be found across Europe, as well as in Africa, Asia and North America. Loding retails high-quality shirts, shoes and a range of men’s accessories, and aims to provide transparency to its clientele by committing to the concept of luxury at an affordable fixed price.
Let’s cover the basics for what a gentleman must have:

The Dress Shirt

Buying a few well made dress shirts for your collection is a must for most. I always like to have 2 white shirts, 1 black, 1 blue, 1 grey, and then a mix from classic to casual.

Now I’m not saying to run out and buy all that, I’m just laying out what someone who dresses up often would have, but even with that being said, it’s always good to stick to the basics even if you aren’t, as every man should have a crisp white dress shirt.


The Tie

Next we stop in at the most common of men’s accessories, the tie. When it comes to ties, really, there aren’t that many rules other than; Learn to tie one if you haven’t (my grandpa tought me) and make sure it never clashes with what you’re wearing.

To me, ties are something you “invest in” as they aren’t like a tee shirt that you wear out and throw away or donate. Mostly, ties stay with you for years. Knowing that, it’s always good to once again stick to the basics and get a few in block colours, a few subtle patterns, and then with a some, just go crazy and have fun.

The Cufflink

Until recent year, at least over my life, I have to admit, I haven’t seen that many men wearing cufflinks, but like most great things that are made for men, I got onto this train at the age of 6 when I demanded I didn’t want buttons on my shirts I wanted to wear cufflinks like grandpa.

Since then I’ve amassed quite the collection including a rare pair left behind by him. I find that these kinds of accessories are often more then just a little addition to your look they can also be filled with memories or show off more of your style in an understated way, similar to wearing interesting socks or outrageous socks.

So there are my must have’s for every man with one last word of advice; don’t be afraid to ask for help, the people at Loding and many other great retailers are so happy to help you with your style and finding what really feels right for you.

Now you of course know how this works, I never tell you about the great offering from Loding without giving it away to one of you. So enter via one of the many ways below or on my Twitter and or Instagram for your chance to win the Dress Shirt, Tie and Cufflinks of your choice valued at over $250 from my friends at Loding.

Pretty sweet deal isn’t it?


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  1. jopfoh

    I would love to win this for my son who is just starting a new job and would look fab in a new shirt tie and links

  2. ronwalsh34

    it has been a while since I bought myself a new shirt and tie and the cufflinks are very nice.  I think I deserve it

  3. N2theTalkingCat

    jopfoh LodingTO TheMaleAddict Mmyah! That’s some pretty fancy stuff they got there!

  4. Elevians_Grrr

    I’d love to be able to provide the groomsmen for the wedding special ties as a gift! I think they’d love it!

  5. melzzz

    How stoked would my boyfriend be if I told him I won him a dress shirt, tie and cuff links!? I’d be the best gf in the world!

  6. ChristineTopley

    I would LOVE to win because hubby is reminiscent of Herb Tarlek (WKRP in Cinncinati) and man – man needs some new duds!! -lol-

  7. citygal28

    My fiance should win because he loves his dress shirts and could use some new styles for Spring and Summer.