Live: Nick Jonas live at The Phoenix

You know you’ve reached bona-fide pop star status when you can play a sold out show on a night where the city isn’t sleeping due to Nuit Blanche. Not only that but Taylor Swift had packed The Air Canada Centre for the second night in a row. This was exactly the case when Nick Jonas rolled into town.

Jonas who is best known as one third of The Jonas Brothers has been touring in support of his 2014 self-titled album. When I arrived at The Phoenix, I had to weave carefully through the throngs of women of all ages to get a prime viewing spot of what was sure to be nothing less than a spectacle. The audience screamed at the top of their lungs as he took the stage.

As the first few chords of his latest single Chains played over the speakers I watched Jonas closely. He is clearly an experienced and competent performer, which was evident throughout his show. However, I couldn’t help but feel that with his overly suggestive visuals and backup dancers masquerading as musicians there was something missing. He ran through a well rehearsed set which included covers of The Weeknd’s I Can’t Feel My Face and Outkast’s Roses to flesh out the fact that he’s still growing his solo musical catalogue.

Clad in jeans, a tight white t-shirt and matching leather jacket and hat,  dark sunglasses glued to his face Jonas played for over an hour and the screams from the audience kept coming. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of his music but, his monster hit Jealous is played constantly – which is what piqued my curiosity.

His set closed with the aforementioned Jealous and I nearly lost my hearing from the increased volume of screams from the audience. The show ended at a (thankfully) reasonable time and while I waited amongst the throngs of women to leave the show I noted that with time Jonas might be able to strike a unique path to individual mega stardom , but he’s not quite there yet.

*photos by Liz Gareri






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