Live Music Tuesday – Masego at The Opera House

Hailing from Virginia and steeped in R&B, Masego’s music follows four simple rules: Make love, give love, be love, experience love.

Indeed, the affection was reciprocated wholeheartedly at Toronto’s sold-out Opera House show. Perhaps it was the “good” love keeping the audience’s attention. Something fans like to call the “Masego magic.”

Then again, charisma runs through his veins. Born in Jamaica, his carefree spirit was immediately felt. The youthful crowd, singing and dancing to the opening song Tadow, set the perfect tone like true fans do.

Dressed in a loose silk shirt, effortless in shades and a gold necklace, it didn’t come as a surprise when Masego appeared blowing earnestly into a saxophone.

His style, self-proclaimed as TrapHouseJazz, incorporates elements from all three genres. However, it could also be described as the future of hip-hop.

With his singing and rapping woven as one unstoppable force, it was tracks such as Lady Lady, I Had A Vision and Prone that demonstrated how Masego’s voice casts over audiences like a net, catching everyone in their tracks.

Backed by two female singers, a drummer and bass player, Masego extended the mastery of his stage persona by adroitly turning loose on mix-tables and synthesizers. That said, his soulful vocals were electric, never dimming, always romantic and raw.

“It’s going to be a good show tonight,” he proclaimed early on. Ninety minutes later, with a permanent grin on his face, Masego’s words had certainly proven prophetic.

Judging by the crowd, if he wanted to start a religion that night, they were ready to follow.



Myles Herod

Myles Herod

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Myles Herod