Little Warrior Reveals Her Emotions On Flight Risk

Behind the moniker, Little Warrior is actually composer Lex Casciato, originally from “Steel City” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That her alias fills one’s head with curiosity is no accident; Ms. Casciato has worked hard from her humble beginnings to the artist she is today.

With Flight Risk, her latest album, the LA-based singer’s talent shows in every lush, trip-hop tinged track.

In fact, atmosphere is key here. Framed by multiple genres, Casciato’s voice is eloquently direct as she navigates her way through a trail of emotions, an internal reflection that aims to separate what matters from what doesn’t.

Sometimes compared to Lana Del Rey or CHVRCHES, Casciato has a knack for channelling the likes of Bristol legends Portishead, setting her apart on cuts like Often. On it, she demonstrates a savvy blending of electronic modes, both past and present, with a result that is utterly compelling.

Elsewhere, on the closer Turned to Never Casciato sings, “I remember, when I thought you’d be forever/But then you turned to never, I never thought I’d find myself.” It’s a simple arrangement that builds with a decidedly escalating energy as drums, synth, and her angelic voice lock into a spiralling groove.

As it is, Flight Risk is an undeniably enjoyable listen, a graceful tug-of-war between sentimental melody, muscular auto-tuned electronics, and deeper truths yet to be resolved. As Casciato tellingly puts it, “Love, I’m still around/I wanna be found.

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