Listen to this: Diet Cig’s Over Easy EP

I stumbled upon Diet Cig’s Over Easy in a playlist black hole I fell into recently and I keep coming back to it. Childhood me would have adored this EP in the ‘90s just as much as grownup me enjoys it now.

The songs aren’t complicated or deep. They’re straightforward pop punk built mostly on fast drumming and distorted guitars by Noah Bowman. Alex Luciano’s lyrics mostly deal with angsty topics like jerky exes, living alone for the first time and other equally frustrating and exciting aspects of young adulthood.

There are parts of this EP that I really loved! “Harvard” is a clever song with some catchy hooks and stands out as the EP’s best track. There were a few moments, mostly in “Scene Sick” where the angst gets a bit overwhelming and the song takes a cheesy turn. All is forgiven, though; they’re brand new and clearly have loads of potential! The duo make clear on this first EP that they can write songs with fantastic bones and a fresh perspective on a style that has far from new. Plus, they have a badass band name that totally wins them style points.


Hilary Johnston
Hilary Johnston is a writer, event manager and musician from Toronto.
Hilary Johnston