Life After Social Distancing – 5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home

As we’re in the middle of a virus outbreak, many of us are spending a lot (if not all) of our time at home – practicing social distancing for the benefits of global well-being. Our home currently has multiple functions being our shelter, work, school and recreation center. However, the pandemic is bound to end at some (we hope soon) point and our life surely won’t be the same. We should consider life after social distancing in relation to making some fresh and innovative changes to our home, as we would want it to be different after having spent quite some time locked in it. Take a look at some simple ways to refresh your whole home, which will help you in changing the vibe of your home and making it an oasis of peace once again.


Think about the possible extensions

Staying put and spending more time at home in the current coronavirus situation has probably made you think about your property. It’s highly likely that you noticed some flaws and imperfections in your home. If this is the case, you should use this time you have been given to think about some re-modeling you can do. First of all, you need to take into consideration the possible extensions. Perhaps you have free space under the roof, in the basement, above the garage or in the garage itself. If you don’t have any of these, you can consider adding some extensions to your home. These extensions can vary from the size of your home and property, the country you live in, the climate and the desired purpose.

They can be small, medium or big and you can choose from a single or double-story rear extension, a garden room, a bungalow or some sort of outdoor rooms. For example, due to climate and weather conditions, people in Australia opt for extending outwards, opposed to extending upwards, as it is more affordable and perfect for creating an open plan kitchen/dining/living area. Australians also prefer adding some outdoor rooms as they enjoy spending time out of their homes, eating, relaxing and watching TV during those boiling hot days.


Declutter your kitchen and pantry

One of the easy ways to refresh your home is certainly by decluttering your kitchen and pantry. During the pandemic situation and the according life, you have probably observed that your kitchen is rather messy and cluttered. There are so many things there that you don’t need, use or that don’t function. Consider getting rid of these. Think about how you can organize your kitchen in a better and more effective way. Make sure you tackle the pantry as well. Pantries tend to become a place where we put everything that we don’t use at the moment. Reorganize it by using some kind of system. Equip yourself with canisters, jars and glass bowls with lids and store the food and snacks inside these. Edit the open shelving systems, and place there everything you need and use – don’t overcrowd the shelves. Remember to put some kind of decoration here and there.


Consider creating a home office

Like many people around the world, you’re probably one of the many who had to improvise a home office when the pandemic began. You know it’s not ideal, but it’s functional (to some extent). What’s more, you might have realized that you prefer working from home to going to work every day! So, in relation to life after social distancing, you’ve started thinking about adapting some part of your home to a real home office. Working from home is already a common concept in Australia and other parts of the world. Home builders in Sydney and other cities are responsible for making their wish a reality, so you can follow their example and hire builders who will help you adapt and modify your home in the right way.


Reorganize the furniture in your home

Giving your home a quick and easy upgrade can be achieved by simply reorganizing the furniture throughout your home. It will give it a new look and vibe instantaneously. Try switching up your floor plan by moving around the pieces of furniture in your living room for example. Place the sofa against a different wall and face the armchairs in a different angle. You can do some changes in every room. And of course, you can always opt for changing up all your furniture pieces and replacing them with new, modern and comfy alternatives.


Level up your linens

After we will have spent plenty of time around our home, it’s positive that we’ll get bored with the same old curtains, bedding, and pillowcases we see every single day. So, we might end up thinking about buying some fresh new sets of curtains and bedding. It’s funny how these, at first glance, small and unimportant things can give a place a completely new vibe. 


The pandemic situation is not easy to handle, that’s for sure. We have to change up our life habits and adapt our life to this new, temporary lifestyle. We have to juggle with work obligations, house chores, kids and their education, preparing meals, going shopping, etc. – with a certain dose of fear and uncertainty. Especially at this time, it’s highly important that our home is our oasis of peace, serenity and safety and we should do everything at our disposal to make it the best version of itself, all for the sake of helping ourselves endure through this tough time. 

Mianna Korben

Mianna Korben

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