Say Hello To Levenswater Spring 34 Gin

Whenever we hear about an interesting new spirt, we feel that it’s our duty, ney, calling, to try it out and let you know about the great ones.

After trying a bit of the Levenswater Spring 34 Gin we have to say, we quite enjoyed it.

The name “Levenswater” originates from the Dutch word for “Water of Life”., which harkens back to the Dutch and Belgian traditions of botanically infusing gin with bold flavours and carefully crafted aromas. 

Their secret recipe is inspired by the sights, sounds and diversity of Toronto’s Kensington Market and the spirit of Ontario’s farmlands.

The mixture of 34 botanicals (hence the name) makes for a very interesting, and complex gin, that really does make for a great addition to any gin cocktail.

Not only that, it comes in a beautiful bottle.



For those of you wondering, this gin begins with farm fresh potatoes and water. Only the tender heart of each potato is used and it takes between 12 to 15 lbs of potatoes to make each bottle.

Levenswater uses a traditional method of cold compounding with a unique multi-phased approach of infusing its secret mix of 34 botanicals and aromatics. The length of the compounding period and the infusions are controlled entirely by periodic review and intervention.


To find out more and to get yourself a bottle visit their website today.





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